Whether you want to increase sales, build relationships, or expand your online reach, content creation is a must. Having said that, you have almost five minutes with no snooze option to capture your reader’ s attention.

Moreover, content cannot be improved only by creating new content. It works differently. It’s now time to look back to those old days, as in how are they performing on social media and search engines.

Let’s now captivate your undivided attention towards understanding, how can our readers improve the readability and sales grid of an underperforming content.

If you are not ranking into top ten results of Google pages for your chief keyword, or your readers are not commenting, sharing, linking, or reading your content, there’s definitely a problem blinking out there! Need not to fret over.

This is the exact time where you can re-optimize your content.

And of course, over the time the engagement that a piece of content spawns, you will assuredly succeed at content marketing.

Isn’t this quite a convincing tip for improving your underperforming content strategy?

Not convinced yet?

If you implement these 4 tips mentioned in this article we can bet, on that your content will be taken to the new level of engagement.

1. Re-optimize old content with long-tail keywords-

As long tail keywords tends to deliver better results in search engines. The reason behind that is- that such keywords can be ranked easily because they are highly specific and less competitive.

2. Add power words to your headlines-

Yes, someone has truly said- Words do have the power. And if you use them appropriately surely you will see an increase in CTR. A to be remembered point here is thatGoogle uses over 200 ranking factors in the algorithm. Also, all that matters here is the click-through rate, as per the research did it suggests that 68% of search engine users clicked on the first page of results.

3. Create a convincing and keyword-rich Meta description-

If your Meta description is irrelevant or weak, your content may not receive much supremacy in organic results. The ultimate reason for creating such a description is that users will read your Meta description before deciding whether or not to click on the title.

Pro tip- if you build a loyal audience on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more, it will amplify your social reach, enabling your older content rank which isn’t doing well.

4. The image speaks a thousand words-

Yes they do! Being a word-oriented writer I do believe that an image can really boost your under performing content right away.


Ending this write up surely gives me an instinct, that all of this information has assuredly convinced you to practice these tips, for enhancing your under performing content and turning your visitors into customers instantly.

That’s all from the writers of underperforming content tips improvisation. For more of such content, we will soon be back with a brand new topic.
Till then stay optimized, keep reading and inspiring others.