Social Media Marketing Agencies are managing multiple clients at the same time. Sometimes it becomes difficult to publish for all the clients at the same time.

This may hamper your relationship with your clients. It is very important to post regular content in the digital marketing world.

There are many little things that you ought to remember like all the passwords of your client.

There are many SME’s who want to hire a marketing agency for Social Media Marketing, but agencies fail to give what they promised the client due to an overload of clients.

With Social Media marketing tools you can easily manage your clients.

Check out five ways marketing agencies can use social media management tools to save themselves from all the trouble.

1. Create Social Media Account Groups for scheduling

You are managing nine clients at the same time and it purely depends on you if this can be smooth or confusing and chaotic. Social media management tools will allow you easy scheduling. Now you can post content on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram for one client with just a click. Now, this saves from frustration and extra effort. Plus it will earn some extra time.

2. Curate Content via RSS feeds and keyword based content streams

Creating content for the same clients every single day can get monotonous. Marketers are celebrating their creativity, but repetitive work cannot make any content interesting. With the help of content curation, marketers can get new ideas and curate an entirely new content for their clients.

Many social media management tools will enable users to curate content through RSS feeds and keyword based streams. Marketers can use these features as a source for the content idea for daily updates.

3. Organize thoughts and complete posts and reusable posts in easy access folder

Being a marketing agency, you are working on dozens of media posts for clients daily. The amount of media posts may go hundreds weekly and thousands monthly. If you are investing deeply in creating that amount of content you surely don’t want to use them all at once. Here is a way out- Save all your posts in an organized, accessible folder.

There are social media management tools that create libraries, folders within them to store content for a more extended period. Save the best content in a different folder and occasionally reuse them for various clients. If you don’t want to reuse any content, you can save ideas in drafts and work on them when needed.

4. Consider automated publishing queues for best performing posts

Many tools have folders that function as automatically publishing content queues. This is a perfect option for those clients who have targeted diverse groups at different times of the day. You don’t need to schedule content multiple times a day, create a folder of posts and have a tool that will evenly spread them out automatically.

These tools are referred as content libraries, repeat queues or smart queues. Some tools will give you the option of picking up publishing frequency.

5. Enable measurement of social media engagement, referrals and conversions

You are at the end of the month and your clients are back to you to see the final results. They want to know the ROI, engagement metrics, leads, and conversions. The first thing your clients will do at the end of the month comes to the accounts manager and marketing managers for results.

To resolve this, there are social media tools available in the market that have built-in social media analytics module that tracks and report engagement metrics. Some even provide with fully finished downloadable reports.

Tools that can help

Social media tips are equally effective as the tools that enable their implementation. Here is a list of tools that can help you with tips discussed above.


DrumUp is the content focused tool that has features like content curation via RSS and keyword based content streams. The tool allows you to have “libraries” that allows automated posting.


MeetEdgar is an automation based tool that will allow you to create libraries of content and set them up for automatic posting. This tool will give you the custom scheduling option.


Buffer lets you manage and schedule posts on a wide range of media platforms. Customize each post individually with the help of Buffer. Buffer shares your content at the best times throughout the day.


This one is the best for handling hundreds of accounts at the same time. Easy to add reports and schedule posts on all major platforms. Apart from being a social media tool, it is teaching platform to learn about social media marketing techniques and how to think about social media marketing as a whole.


With the overall idea of social media techniques and by using social media tools you can win all your clients. Do business smartly and frustration-free with fulfilling all the requirements of your clients.

What are some of the tools that you use to run social media campaigns for your clients? How do you manage to hassle-freely run multiple campaigns across various social media platforms?