We are already a driven force by Artificial Intelligence. Our future economic and social decisions will be highly dependent on artificial intelligence. The potential future has a broad, innovative perspective in the various sectors. Our future is full of surprises, where you will see a self-driving car, an AI made a shirt and a lot more.     The day is not far when your coffee maker will make your favorite Late before you reach office.

Software started on the personal computer and has now reached Artificial Intelligence. Many of the companies are already using the AI technology for collection of larger data. AI has proven to be faster than human brains to process, analyze and give decisions on larger data.

AI technology will be a service soon-

Consumers are already using AI in the form of the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Siri, Google Now and Cortana. These products are sold on a monthly payment basis, which also includes regular software updates and functionality enhancements. Any companies business would benefit from customer data and analytics insights generated by AI.

There are predictions that AI will take over a lot of jobs. While this will entirely change the business world. As interactions with consumers will benefit businesses and consumers at a higher level.

AI will take Personalization to another level-

Currently, you have the luxury to get personalized, tailored artworks like interiors, fashionable outfits and furniture. But the future holds more than that. You are soon going arrive in an era of customized products. In this AI era, anyone can avail tailored technology.

AI will read your preferences and make an ideal product most suitable for you. For example- You buy a drone and change the settings as per your requirement. AI will read these changes and finally produce a drone that is most suitable for your needs.

Innovative product personalization isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. A variation in a product needs research, time and analysis. AI being a highly intellectual Cyborg can do these things more efficiently than humans.

Personalized products these days are more about design rather than the feature. The future holds customized products with great technical features created by the software industry.

For example- Levis recently started a customized denim section. Where the customers choose the designs, they want to print or get embroidered on the denim. This gives the company insight into what should be its next design for Types of Denim and curate a new range of clothing.

A futuristic approach says that neither the company nor the consumer needs to do this, AI will be efficient enough to read both of them and give the most accurate decision favorable for both the parties.

Harvard professors have already created an AI system that generates suggestions for a new drug as per the molecular structure. This will give access to people’s customized products and companies could sell the best of them as standard products.

AI will create “Useless class” of humans predicts Yuval Noah Harari, the bestselling historian-   

We have heard the story of an evil Cyborg from Dr. Who a million times. But with speed, AI is innovating every day we as Human Beings may face doom in the coming years.

According to the greatest historian-Yuval, Noah Harari in his book Homo Dues: A Brief History Of Tomorrow outlined our future by saying “What made us sapiens will make us gods.” There will be a rise of a useless class of human beings as AI will slowly take over many skilled jobs that humans are currently capable of doing. By 2040 we may have a massive class of useless humans. The AI revolution will bring this doom with it. We are at the point of most unpredictable future. Where we don’t know if our next generation is ready and has been prepared for the change that is coming.

We have been listening to these stories from centuries. But this time it is going to be true. Social media platforms are just the start. AI will be the decision-making tool for major Financial System. The pace at which our financial system is growing, it will be very difficult for a human brain to process all that information. AI and Big Data are capable of grasping this amount of information.

See what Harari has to say about the future of Sapiens with Artificial Intelligence in the picture.

Artificial Intelligence will bring the innovative revolution in our world. Planet earth will experience Artificial Intelligence, will have a greater impact not only on our planet or galaxy but human beings on a major scale. As humans, we need to prepare ourselves mentally for this dramatic change. AI is the definitive future of the human race. The future innovation beholds Artificial Intelligence revolution. We need to prepare the humankind for the biggest revolution taking place shortly. AI is surely innovative, but it should not get manipulative. As we don’t want to forget what it is like to follow our hearts.

What are your views on artificial intelligence?