When it comes to creating a good backlink service portfolio, you need to have great content and digital assets such as insightful blog posts, useful guides, and eBooks.  This is why many backlink building techniques are based on your content creation.  If you run a small business, there are some methods that you should be using. Take a look at this to find sites to link to.

Place Your Website In Niche Directories

The first step you should take is to submit your business website to all the popular niche directories related to your industry.  You should pay close attention to the ones that are focused on your region.

To find the directories you should be submitting your business to, complete a Google search of your niche and directory.  An example of this is fitness + directories + Warwick.  This will provide a list of your local directories.

Before you submit to the directory, you need to ensure they are of high quality.  They should also have some editorial guidelines.  You should never submit your website to directories that are not relevant.

Use Tools

Link building tools get a bad rep, however if you use them correctly, know what you’re doing and use them in conjunction with other techniques they can be very valuable. One of the most important things about using tools is having a good list that is renewed regularly. GSA Search Engine Ranker provides just this – offering a list of GSA approved links that can be utilised to improve your rank in the SERPs.

Leverage Your Local Partnerships

If you are focusing on your local area, you need to form partnerships with other local businesses.  This can create an opportunity to get backlinks from their websites.  If you already have partnerships with local businesses, you should get in touch with your partners and ask about website link placements.

The businesses you should focus on are the locally owned franchises and businesses instead of large corporations.  You could also replicate the directory method by contributing to local blogs.  If you come across an official community blog or news blog, you should see if they welcome guest contributions.

Use The Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper link building technique will help you get backlinks from qualitative and relevant resources.  To start using this method, you have to identify who your competitors are and look at their resources.  There are many online tools you can use to see what your competition is doing and their most popular content.

The next step is to create resources that are similar, but of better quality that outshines your competitor.  The content should be interesting, comprehensive and relevant.  Once you have all the resources, you need to complete an outreach campaign and ask relevant blogs to mention your resources.  This technique can really pay off when done correctly.

Look For Business Mentions

If you feel that your business has a brand presence in your industry, you should search for mentions of your business that do not link back to your website.  There are tools that can help you with this.  Once you find these mentions, you can contact the creator and ask if they could link back to your website.  This is a great way to explore potential link opportunities and leverage your presence.

Create A Resource Page

Depending on your location, you can create a local resource page that includes information about other small businesses in the area.  If you run a clothing store, you could have a list of the best manufacturers and wholesalers in the county.

The information you provide will need to be useful and make other businesses link back to it, including your competition.  You can also partner with local subject matter experts to create your resource pages.  The work you put into these pages will pay off and will get attention to your business.

A resource page can be cited by Q&A websites and other local business forums.  These pages may get you interviews and guest appearances which provide further opportunities to link to your website.