Do you need digital asset management software? If yes, you need to find the best DAM vendors. You can’t ensure that your DAM system is working perfectly. However, you can use the following tips to find one that works for you.

1. Identify The Stakeholders

First, you need to identify the external and internal stakeholders who will be affected by the Digital Asset Management software. Next, you need to convince them why you need it. For instance, you should identify the type of functionality they need and how you can help them become successful.

A lot of businesses recommend Filecamp – a fantastic DAM system that is a lot lower in price than many alternatives on the market and though not free, is as close to free digital asset management software as you’ll get at only $29 a month.

Its top features include:- unlimited users in all plans
– granular access control
– custom branding
– multiple themes
– free trial – self-service – out of the box

Over the course of the DAM implementation, you need to continue talking to them. That way, they have a proper understanding of how they can benefit from the system, especially if they have contributed financially for it.

Note that, the best way to make your DAM system work successfully is having a good buy-in from the start. It doesn’t matter how well the system is working if people are using it incorrectly.

2. Define What You Allow And Restrictions

Now that you know who will be using the system, you need to have clear levels of access and restrictions. With a digital asset management system, you can segregate each user or group using different permissions. That means you can dictate what each person sees and does on the system.

Yes it makes sense to allow everyone to have access to all the categories. However, with this approach you will not enjoy the full control benefits of a DAM system.

Take an instance of your marketing agency. You can give them access to your brand logos, stock imagery and a few headshots. However, it doesn’t make sense to give them access to other assets.

3. Take Account Of Your Existing Tools

If you are trying to get a buy-in from the stakeholders, you need to leverage what they are used to. For instance, will your social media managers enjoy a Hootsuite integration? Will the creative team benefit from Adobe Creative Suite connector?

You need to do your research. Find a DAM system that works with the current tools to guarantee buy-ins and the utmost happiness for all the stakeholders.


4. Realistic Timelines

It’s quite tricky to set a realistic timeline, especially if there are many departments using the DAM system at the same time. It’s tempting to pick a vendor immediately who can offer fast services. However, you need to choose the right vendor for the job.

A good place to start would be separating the implementation phases. It’s the best way to remove the pressure because the stakeholders can see the project moving as mentioned. They will not sit around and wait for the entire project to be completed.

5. Use IT Services As Early As Possible

It’s tempting to leave IT department until the last minute. However, doing so will be frustrating and very demanding. Even worse, it will slow down the project. You should know that IT departments have the most knowledge and experience about implementing new technology.

Therefore, they can notify you which systems don’t work or which DAM system doesn’t meet your needs. With the advice of the IT department, you should be able to speed up the selection process and eliminate vendors immediately.

6. Leverage Review Sites

When searching for a good digital asset management system, you can narrow your search by checking review sites. In this case, there are numerous technology review sites that you can use including G2Crowd, Serchen and Capterra.

Here, the existing customers for each DAM system vendor talk about the products’ pros and cons. You can always count on unbiased insight from these review sites. It’s very easy to find one that works perfectly for you.

7. Do The Discovery Call

Most people choose to skip the discovery process when looking for a DAM system and often jump right into the demo. Yes, you can do the demo without the discovery call. However, the call allows vendors to identify your needs then tailor the demo to meet them.

It might be a little pain-staking to have 15 minutes or longer calls with each of the vendors, it’s a huge benefit for you in the long run. Take advantage of this to find a good system that works for you. Rushing to anything that comes off the board might not be a good choice in the long run. You need a DAM system that is customized for your needs.

8. Choose A Partner Not A Vendor

As you meet the shortlisted vendors, you need to view them as a company and not a product. Basically, you need to choose a vendor whose integration aligns with your future goals. Even better, they need to provide the best support, especially after onboarding. Take your time to find a partner for the DAM implementation.