Art evolves with time, and trends can disappear as quickly as they emerge. In graphic design, what trended in 2017 might now be deemed outdated. That’s why you need to stay in the now, because no one wants to create boring, tired designs.

Here are the top 5 graphic design trends you need to know:

Glitched & Ruined Effects

2018 is bringing with it a lot of distortion—in more ways than one. In graphic design, you can observe that dissonance in the glitch effect and ruined effect. Both involve changing an ideal photo into something else using elements that were once deemed tasteless or erroneous. The glitch effect, for example, may take blur, pixelation, and broken bands of color and use them as a design element. Ruined effects are elements like breaking, fading, tearing, and scratching.

Negative Space

In terms of aesthetics, using the negative space for design is a certain win when it comes to developing a captivating picture or evoking emotion. How will you use the distinct shapes and lines of the negative space? What images can enter such a truly unique frame. The possibilities are endless, so tailor it to your needs.

Double Exposure & Light

Though double exposure has been a favorite of graphic designers for many years now, 2018 is seeing a rise in the technique. For example, some designers are utilizing the “Double Exposure Duotone” effect by double the image or overlapping two different images in two separate colours. Double Light is also popular now. This is done by creating two or three sources of different colored shadows or light (also known as color splitting).

Typography Elements

Letters are king in graphic design; and so it makes sense why creative typography is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. For example, cropped typography, which erases parts of letters, is gaining attention due to its visually appealing and easily readable final product. Another fad happens to be fusing typography with real life objects, such as using people to complete or blend into segments of the letters.

You shouldn’t forget about negative space typography either. Blend two trending elements into one!

Bright Colors and Gradients

2018 is all about making things pop, and bright colors are perfect for the task. Think in terms of neons, metallics, and gradients. Presently, 3D design is being blended with typography and other graphic design components to create stunning visuals like golden smoke and pops of volume. Color transitions or gradients, similar to those seen in the Instagram logo, infuse designs with a playful element.


Graphic design is transforming. With new techniques, bright colors, and beautiful 3D elements, the latest trends are likely going to make art history. Incorporate the mentioned trends into your designs to create attention-grabbing pieces that convey your artistic vision to the world.