More than 1.65 billion people around the world prefer shopping online each year

With so many online consumers, one of the hottest marketing trends of recent years is digital marketing. Businesses are far more interested in promoting services online instead of using traditional marketing tools like before.

We have been providing marketing solutions to businesses for a long time now and this is one question we get often as one of the best digital agencies around. We provide many digital marketing services to our customers to improve their brand image in the market.

In this article, let’s figure out the difference between traditional and digital marketing :-

Though digital marketing is popular these days, it doesn’t mean that businesses don’t use traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is still one of the best ways to promote in person and certain kinds of businesses are still taking advantage of it.

Before you decide the marketing strategy you wish to use as the business owner, you need to understand the difference between these two strategies correctly. This will enable you to know the advantages of both and then figure out the best tactic for your particular marketing goals.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is quite essentially using digital platforms to promote your business to the internet users around the world. That also includes promoting through a website, search rankings, social media and anything else that you can think of.

Advantages of using digital marketing:-

  1. The internet provides you with a million different ways to interact with your audience. You get to calculate their moves and accordingly make your campaign better so your revenue improves with time.
  2. With digital marketing, it’s easier for you to keep track of the entire marketing campaign and measure how well it’s working out. According to Prowly, Many online tools are available to help you learn from the current marketing campaign so you can make the next one even better.
  3. Creating content perfectly aligned with your target audience’s desires is essential. Digital marketing provides you with everything you need to carefully analyze the consumer base and draw practical conclusions that will get you closer to achieving your marketing goals. 

Reasons why digital marketing isn’t favoured by some businesses:-

  1. Constant advertising is sometimes annoying – internet users might feel less interested in your brand if you keep shoving advertisement on every page of your website.
  2. You need to make sure your team is trained to use the digital marketing tools to ensure more success. That could be time consuming and you might not get results unless everyone is on board with the strategy.
  3. The internet comes with high security risks and you need to be highly aware to make sure your audience and their privacy is not being compromised in any way. You have to be legally privileged to make sure everything is protected from harmful people and sources. 

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing, though not as commonly used as before, is using offline tools like banners, marketing campaigns, etc to promote your services to the consumers. Traditional marketing has become less and less popular since the discovery of internet and online marketing.

Advantages of using traditional marketing:-

  1. Traditional marketing is something that people are used to – these channels are easy to understand and trust because people have seen them for years. Thus these enable you to easily attract potential clients and get sales.
  2. Things like banners, magazines, etc are easier for people to remember for a long time. Traditional marketing focuses on promoting in a way that people remember it and thus end up buying sooner or later.
  3. Being able to connect to the local audience is the biggest advantage of traditional marketing. It’s more personalised and people learn to trust you faster using this marketing strategy. It also enables you to create long lasting relationships with customers and thus have constant revenue from them.

Reasons why traditional marketing isn’t favoured by some businesses:-

  1. When it comes to traditional marketing, it’s kind of difficult to measure where your potential customers are coming from. Unlike digital marketing, the tools aren’t as advanced or in-dept for this kind of marketing. Thus it’s hard to measure your campaign correctly and learn things from it for the future.
  2. Traditional marketing is expensive – and that’s not something brand owners don’t know. Your budget has to be good enough to promote on bigger offline platforms and sometimes it doesn’t give you good results like you expected. Thus it’s safe to conclude that traditional marketing is often the most expensive way to market your business.
  3. Customisation is a big thing when it comes to the current world, and traditional marketing is not really the best way to give that to your potential customers. Using traditional marketing makes tailoring to a specific audience more challenging, putting you at a disadvantage in building market reputation.

How to choose the correct marketing strategy?

1. Figure out your marketing goals

The first step is to figure out your business as well as marketing goals. You cannot decide the strategy unless you know exactly what you want to gain after marketing. So ensure that you already have goals in mind before you start to think about which marketing strategy to pick.

2. Study your target audience properly

After all, the main reason why you need a strategy is to attract customers towards your business. To pick the best marketing strategy, you need to study your target audience and know what you need to get them engrossed in your brand and services.

3. You cannot just not study your competitors in the market

It’s just as essential that you understand what your competition brands are using to gain an edge over you in the market. Studying competition is an amazing way to know what you can do to stand out in the market and improve your brand image in front of potential customers. 

Conclusion :- 

In this article, we have talked about the major debate that’s been going around for years now. We have listed down pros and cons of both digital marketing and traditional marketing.

We have also talked about some tips that will help you pick the correct strategy for your brand. Both strategies have pros and cons. This article aims to help you weigh considerations and make an informed decision. If you have any more queries, feel free to connect to our experts right away!