Virtual Private Network- A VPN is a technology that collects all your internet traffic and encrypts it to make sure you are safe from being hacked. VPNs have become a vital tool for both individuals and organizations to protect their browsing activity over public networks.

VPNs were created to connect networks and computers over the internet. Now, there are many other reasons that VPNs are popular with people besides connecting networks and computers.

In the following section, I will be mentioning some unique ways digital marketers can use VPNs to improve their marketing efforts.

Benefits of a Ultimate VPN For Digital Marketers In-Depth

Here are some of the benefits a digital marketer can take advantage of when they use VPN tools. Digital marketers need to have some knowledge on these topics;

SEO Advantages

A VPN can also be used for international SEO by connecting to a server in the target market. This will allow you to browse as if you were in the country and have insights into customer needs. A Ultimate VPN helps marketers see all the information on a webpage, rather than just delivering a limited-edition version of it that misses important content.

Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising is geared towards potential customers who search for services or products, and a Ultimate VPN will help digital marketers know what those prospects are looking for. With this knowledge, marketers can more effectively place ads.

Monitoring Competitors

A VPN is a handy tool for digital marketers. Tracking competitors and understanding their back-link advantages can be accomplished easily with a Ultimate VPN. Even anonymity and safety while searching for information about them and software tools for competition analysis are vitally important when utilizing a VPN.

Social Media Marketing

When digital marketers connect to international social media from a target market anonymously with a VPN, they may access geo-blocked or censored content that is not available in the location.

Digital Marketing Security

A VPN is a convenient technology that allows you to access another secure network over the internet. This ensures online browsing security from snoopers on unsecured networks and allows marketers to monitor customer preferences, ad data, and trends more quickly. When using a VPN, the digital marketer’s ISP cannot sell data retrieved from their electronic device to other companies.

VPNs provide security and privacy over unsecured networks by encrypting your web traffic and replacing your IP address. We’ve tested them all, from the most popular to the off-the-beaten-path, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a VPN with speedy connections or data defense. In this article, we will explore the top 10 Ultimate VPN providers globally, rated by their speed and consistency.

  • PureVPN

PureVPN is a well-liked VPN with over 6,500 servers in 180 countries worldwide, including the UK, Australia, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and Spain. To protect our browsing history from government snooping, we joined PureVPN. It made it easy for us to enjoy international travel without joining public Wi-Fi networks or running into censorship like internet restrictions. PureVPN has a diverse range of global servers and is available in over 180 countries. That’s why we recommend it as the best VPN for Australia, France, Germany, and more.

  • Surfshark

Because Surfshark made downloading movies and TV shows possible without worrying about being caught. With an IP address we could change every time we connected, this VPN made tracking much more difficult. However, if we wanted to use the same IP address before each connection, that was an option. Surfshark helps to protect your online security and privacy by employing strong encryption, and it will let you access Netflix in addition to torrenting.

  • Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is the perfect tool for Netflix-watching parties, whether you’re on a Mac or Windows computer. The app also offers good speed and flexibility when used with an Android device to bypass hours of commute time spent fiddling with controls. Hotspot Shield has free and paid options for VPNs. The free option limits you to 500 MB of data per day, which may affect your streaming habits – though it is more than enough assistance with other forms of security. The pricing for a VPN can be confusing, so we decided to go with the monthly plan, which costs $12.99 per month.

  • Tunnelbear

Tunnelbear’s tunneling service, a virtual private network, gave us 500 MB of data on five different devices. Though insufficient for streaming, it sufficed for browsing and other tasks. The yearly plan offered unlimited data on five devices for $59.88, equating to $4.99 per month. We love that an outsider has audited Tunnelbear, which means they take their no-logging policy seriously.

  • has some of the lowest prices for VPN’s, Starting at just $2.99 a month with 5GB of data or $9.99 a month for unlimited data, per subscription; provides shared online security for all of your devices with a subscription, instead of one device at a time in its other version, regardless of which plan you choose. For the assessment of this VPN, we used a Windows Vivobook, Macbook, iPhone, and Android device. We liked that they have an option for week-long passes compared to other VPNs that don’t provide them. has a few drawbacks, mainly because it is US-based with logging data for up to 16 days before deletion. However, if privacy isn’t an issue and affordability is, makes a great choice.

  • Norton Secure CPVN

Norton may be most well-known for its antivirus software and identity protection, but the company also has a VPN service that’s worth checking out. There is often the risk of being tracked online, but the macOS app allowed us access to a different IP address with every connection. This service was satisfying since it improved our anonymity on the internet.

  • FastestVPN

Today’s TV viewing can use different technologies, from Chromecast and the Fire TV Stick to traditional cable. On Fire TV Stick, FastestVPN unblocked Prime Video, providing access to global content and maintaining its name in VPN performance. Even with inbound internet, we experienced minimal delays or latency and enjoyed seamless streaming processes.

  • Windscribe

Windscribe is one of the most popular, user-friendly VPNs today. It offers high-quality service with plenty to offer. One of these is a VPN, or virtual private network, which creates an encrypted connection to another network over the internet. Windscribe is a well-known company that offers unlimited VPN subscriptions for an affordable price.

Using Windscribe, you can watch movies on Netflix (in some regions), Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube. That makes the provider a sound option for streamers that want to watch overseas content on their account in another country. At the same time, Windscribe has put plenty of effort into maintaining high VPN server speeds.

  • ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is the world’s first internet Withings. It offers an entirely new way of using the internet and online activities without non-secure networks (such as public Wi-Fi or compromised home connections).

On top of fast service and an easy-to-navigate interface, this VPN provider does things a little differently. It has plenty of appealing features that make it stand out from other providers. Proton’s native apps are compliant with today’s rigorous privacy standards, and it even monitors its desktop clients to keep them up-to-date.

  • HideMyAss! (HMA) VPN

HideMyAss! VPN has a multitude of servers in more than 200 countries, drastically improving speed and internet security. HideMyAss!, In contrast to other providers who only offer a handful of locations outside Europe and North America, HideMyAss! has access to 14 in the Middle East, 50+ in Africa, and more than 55 in the Asia Pacific.

Despite the importance of server variation, this VPN maintains its trustworthiness due to its long-standing presence and ownership by Avast. Prioritizing security, it has engaged auditors to align with safety measures, joining responsible VPN providers.


Choosing a VPN is no easy task. When choosing a Ultimate VPN, you should take into account pricing, internet speed, and server load times. We’ve researched and tested popular VPNs, narrowing our list to four comprehensive security options for your convenience.