There are more than 1.50 billion active users on Facebook daily. This is a huge potential client base platform. The huge audience needs to be targeted. To reach the right audience, you need to make sure you are targeting people who are interested in your business. With Facebook marketing, you can minimize your ad spent and maximize your ROI.
Facebook custom audiences have the best target audience available. There are a highly defined group of people who have a relationship with people and who have installed the app.
With the help of custom audiences, you can create lookalike audiences. The Facebook lookalike audiences are your new potential fans, followers and customers who share key characteristics with existing fans.

Types Of Custom Audience

1. Custom Audiences From Customer Lists

With the customer list, you can know the audiences with whom you have existing relationships. These clients cannot be mapped on Facebook Pixel or through Facebook engagement.
You may have a list of subscribers to your newsletter or past customers. The subscribers to your newsletter have a clear interest in your brand, but Facebook will not know this until you have uploaded a list. When you upload the list, Facebook uses the process called “hashing” to keep specific customer data private while allowing to find matching Facebook user profiles.
You can upload data from customers who have given you permission to do so. The user can see which companies have uploaded them in their customer list including their information. You can check the advertisers who have included you in the uploaded list. Just go to settings in the extreme right, then click on the Ads button in the left, select Advertisers you have interacted with. Check out the picture below.

Facebook Custom Audience Use
It is good if you check Facebook’s Custom Audiences terms of service so that you are following the current rules.

2. Custom Audiences From Your Website

You need to install Facebook pixel on your website. Once you have done so, you can match your website visitor to Facebook Profiles. With this information, you can create custom audiences that target all website visitors. Also, remarket to people who have visited a particular product category or page. Choose a timeframe between which you want to select a target audience. Either the most recent ones or people who have visited in the past 6 months.
Facebook pixel will provide you with resourceful data.

3. Custom Audiences From Your Mobile App

You can register your app and set up an SDK on the Facebook for Developers site. Have a custom audience created for people who have interacted with your app. Do not panic, just talk to your developer to help with some of these initial steps.

How To Use Custom Audience?

Now that you have set up Custom Audiences, here is how you can use it?

  • First, open Facebook Ad Manager and click on Create Ad.
  • Follow the steps to create your Ad.
  • Set the Ad to your selected target Custom Audience
  • Refine your targeting options. Example- You are giving discounts to new customers in your current campaign, don’t forget to exclude customers from your current target audience list. Set a budget and timing and you are good to go.

How Can You Use Facebook Custom Audience Strategically?

With remarketing, you can remind people about the products they are interested in or have abandoned in their shopping carts. Encouraging them to make the final purchase.
For example- Dave, an art and writing supplies company from Austria, used Custom Audiences to target ads to those who had already visited the website. Combine this with lookalike audiences. Using this strategy, Dave can increase conversions 1.65 times with 1.7 times return on Facebook ad spend.

Use Facebook Custom Audiences To Reach Existing Customers

It is far easier to convince an already satisfied client. Marketing to them can produce a higher conversion rate than trying to reach people who have not bought from you before.
This is not just the rule for retail stores, send special offers to the existing clients. Tell people you have released a new version of a product they already own.

Increase Custom Audience With App Engagement

In case you are running an app engagement, then there is no point in showing the ad to people who have downloaded your app. With custom audiences who already have your app downloaded, you can target your ad effectively helping you get the maximum impact of your budget.
Grow Facebook Following With Custom Audience-
People already interacting with your business would be great Facebook Page Followers. Some of them may be already following your page. Some of them might have a Facebook Page or may have never thought of seeking out of social media. Many of your custom audience may be unaware of your Facebook page or may have never thought of approaching you on social media.
You can use the Facebook ad with a Custom Audience based on website visitors or a customer list to promote your Facebook Page to a highly targeted group. Do not include people who have already liked your page. This way you don’t have to pay to reach existing Facebook Fans.

Use Lookalike Audiences

You can use facebook lookalike audiences to target people who are similar to the people you are already interacting with. Your business means they are likely to be interested in your products and services.
You may not have an extensive list yet it is essential to create a Custom Audience from your customer list. Create a lookalike audience based on custom audience people who have already visited.

Facebook is a huge platform to attract those large set of audiences. Use Facebook to draw potential client and increase your customer base. Your competitors are already using Facebook Custom audience to get attracted to a huge audience to their brand. Create a brand image and use Facebook in an effective way. Make your presence on social media.