With ever-increasing competition for attention in the digital space, are you really stretching your content as far as it can go?

For example, if you’ve targeted a fraction of the 23.23 billion monthly users on YouTube with video, you’re still leaving the bookworms who’d rather get stuck into a bunch of text on the table.

Picking one content platform to focus on and mastering it is a solid plan, but what if you could triple or even quadruple your content output without much extra work?

No, we’re not selling you the dream of catching some rays on the beach while your content creates itself. But by taking these extra steps when you create your content you’ll make it work harder for you, forever.

Here are 3 simple ways to 3X your content.

1. Text into video

Got an article on your blog that your visitors were feeling? If you’ve had positive engagement via comments, social shares or people signing up for your newsletter, then chances are your target audience who hangs out on YouTube will lap it up as well. With a third of all Online Content activity spent on video, you can be pretty sure this is a solid investment.


  • Get your pretty face in front of that camera and explain your post through video
  • Camera shy? No problem – there are a ton of ways to get text on to a video in a fun, engaging way like whiteboard animations or slideshows mixed with images. Just voice over the video and you’re good to go (or hire somebody from Fiverr to do it for you)

2. Video or Podcasts to text

Vice versa to the first point – do you have a video that is absolutely killing it on YouTube? Get that bad-boy transcribed and stick it up on your website for some more unique content.

Google loves authority online content and favors these types of articles in their rankings.

You can have a crack at transcribing your video yourself or an audio transcription service can get the job done if your typing speed can’t keep up with your chatting speed on the camera.

Either way, it’s another solid and simple way to make your content multi-purpose.

3. Infographics

Images are another way for you to increase engagement on your online content for a one-time hit. On social media, it’s a fact that we like to interact with images more than simple text. Images get more shares and retweets. Heck, entire successful social media platforms were born out of this concept in Instagram and Pinterest.

“But what’s that got to do with me? I’ve got text or video content. How am I supposed to turn that into a picture?”, I hear you ask.

I probably gave the game away with the title, but yeah, infographics. Those pretty portrait style images where you can trim the fat and give your content consumer a summary of the main points.

It doesn’t stop there. Infographics will work even harder for you. They provide you with another piece of content to distribute on social media where interactions are higher on images.

Nope, they’re still not done. You can also use them for SEO purposes and distribute them to infographic directories or reach out to other blogs where your infographic would fit nicely to summarise their content.

Infographics are the gift that keeps on giving.


  • Piktochart offers free infographic templates if you want to give it a shot yourself
  • Canva also offers something similar for free
  • The time-saving way. Outsource it to someone who specializes in it and sticks to what you’re good at and enjoys. You’re sure to find an infographic specialist on Upwork for a reasonable fee.

Hopefully, this post has inspired the cogs in your head to start turning. I’m sure you’ve already started jotting down ideas to stretch your content to the limit like a medieval punishment. Me? I’m off to turn this post into a video and an infographic.


Online video statistics:

Photo’s generate more engagement: