Designing a great website which is informative and is best with its looks is not enough to keep your business going, you will have to put your blood and sweat to it, if you want it to be going for long run. A website should be relevant and logical.

A performance-oriented website which is user-friendly and interactive will help the customer remain tied to it and the owner gaining popularity with promising revenue generation.

If you want to improve the performance of your website and drive traffic towards it then just ask a few questions which will help you gain a better understanding about of what you exactly want from your website and hence you will be able to figure out the process.

Some of the questions you should ask are:

  • Who are your website visitors?
  • How often do they visit your website?
  • What are they looking for on your website?
  • What do they experience?
  • What all pages have they visited and which all buttons have they clicked?
  • Do they know how to contact you?
  • How can you track, record and analyze it? and
  • Are you visible in the search engines?

All the answers to the above-mentioned questions can be fulfilled with a single term “Website Analysis”. So, now let’s get started with the term website analysis.

It is a process used to gain a better understanding and get insights of your website. You can do it using tools which are used to enhance the effectiveness of any website.

It is used to increase web traffic and analyzing the data of the website. By doing web analysis one can understand the business and get market status and which can be used to keep on improving it on a time-to-time basis.

Regularly keeping a check on your website and updating it is something that will help your website to get better with passing time. This will help the search spider’s find your site very easily.

Regularly checking your website helps identify technical errors and improve user experience. Even minor errors can drive visitors away, impacting rankings and site quality.

As an owner’s you want to have a fair rise in the revenue generation of your online marketing business venture. So, it becomes very crucial to understand even the minute errors that occur on your website.

How does Web analytics work?

The process of website analysis can be separated into four basic steps:

How does Web Analytics Work?

1. Assembling data

The first and basic step of web analysis is the collection of data that carry some valid and relevant information of the website. These elementary data’s are the basic foundation of search engine optimization and website analysis.

2. Converting data into information

The second step is the process of converting the data’s into information with specific ratio or matrix or a chart which give generalized information of the website traffic.

3. Generating KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

Based on the information ratio’s gathered from the data’s collected, KPI’s are created to boost the business performance by implying apt marketing strategy. KPI’s strategy varies based on organization and its strategies.

4. Forming business goal

This is the last but most effective step as it is the deciding factor in rising or fall of any business market share and money making. A pre-defined set of business objectives and goals are planned in order to upgrade business market value.

Now, the next question, Why is Website Analysis it important?

The importance of website analysis is immense when compared to the sort of advantage it provides. Website analysis is something that every owner of a website needs to improve its efficiency and increase its traffic.

What is the importance of Website Analysis?

Keyword Optimization

It is the process of researching and analyzing the right keyword for your website so that it is visible in the search engines. Keyword Optimization becomes very crucial when it comes to driving traffic to your website.

If you want to drive good range of traffic to your site then you will have to be correct in the selection process.

Website Analysis reduces all your efforts in finding right keyword to drive target audience to your website. So, it can be said that there would not be any way of choosing the wrong keyword for driving the attention of target audience.

Increase Website Traffic

Web traffic is the amount of data’s sent and received by the visitors on a website. At the end of the day, what matters the most is to increase website traffic. There are many methods with the help of which you will be able to find the range of traffic in a particular website.

It can be determined by calculating the rate of visitors viewing a specific page of a website in a country and so on. But with the help of website analysis, one can determine the range of visitors visiting a particular website.

With website analysis, your work becomes easy as you will be able to know, from where is your traffic coming? Hence you can put efforts to structure the website and highlight website security.

Checking Links

There are two types of links that are displayed on a website. Both these links help drive traffic to the website, which will eventually help to drive some potential clients to your website. If there is a single chance to drive the attention of target audience then as an owner you will try to grab it as soon as possible.

A good link will increase lead generation but a bad link will ruin all the efforts that you put in, to upgrade your website. With the help of website analysis, you will be able to get an analyzed report of inbound and outbound links in your website. This will help you figure out the flows and eradicate it for better performance of your website.

Organic Content

The Content of website plays a vital role in driving customers to your website as the quality of content delivered on your website is the deciding factor which will help you drive the attention of target audience. Website analysis will help you figure out if the content displayed on your website is valid or not.

If the content displayed on your website does not has keyword optimized content then it will help you get a complete insight of it. Hence, with the help of website analysis report, you will be able to form content which is informative as well as relative.

Our Website Designing Process

Your objective is our goal. We follow below-mentioned steps to design a purpose-driven website:

1. Define Goal

Your objective is our goal. The process of designing a versatile website can be done only if we understand the objective of your business venture. Understanding your long term and short term objectives will help us get a wide knowledge of the working of your website and hence we will be able to help you attain it as soon as possible. We try to know the immediate needs of your website and hence figure out the measures that can be taken to improve the working of the website. When we get to know about the websites operating and technical work environment we will be able to deliver what exactly you need.

2. Designing

After taking a wide knowledge of what is the exact requirement of the website owner, we will be proceeding with the next step that is the designing process. We will start custom designing the website as per your requirement and represent the brand accordingly. When we are done with the final designing process we will be reviewing it to you so that you can get a clear insight of the website and hence there will be the final step of developing.

3. Development

This is the most important step as this is where the entire website comes into existence. After comprehending the website’s objective and planning its design, the next step involves development, where a comprehensive layout is crafted. The website receives specific styling, design, SEO, and performance optimization techniques.

4. Launch

After completing the design process, the next step is to launch the website. After launching and reviewing all the aspects of the website, it is finally ready for the launching process. In order to make the website functional and user-friendly, a training module is designed to offer training to end users.

5. Support

After launching your website, you must consistently check and update it. This maintenance ensures your site remains well-conditioned, serving users without errors that hinder marketing.

The Designing features we use to give a portrait to your website:

All the website that we design may not have same features and will have its own uniqueness, here are some of the basic features that we deliver to our clients:


After gaining insights on your audience we create the layout of the website such that it will keep your users engaged and keep them browsing various pages of the website yet keeping the website user-friendly. We will help you grow your website as your goals evolve.

Mobile friendly design:

We always design websites that are user-friendly and are compatible with all devices. Due to this approach of design, you will be able to drive traffic from the target audience. Therefore, it can be concluded that you won’t miss any opportunity to attract traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization:

Despite your efforts, an invisible website to search spiders won’t generate leads. SEO is crucial for optimization and starting your online journey.


It becomes essential to keep a track record of the visitors opting into your website. This will help you give a better understanding of your websites traffic, security concerns, keyword optimization and better content quality. All these can be carried out using website analysis.

Website Speed:

We will help you improve the website’s speed and hence the performance will surely get some drift. Improving the site’s speed leads to enhanced efficiency and performance over time. Thus Google will improve the user engagement of your website.

Advanced Functionality:

We have designed eCommerce sites, community sites, Matrimony portals, job portals, membership sites, Freelancer’s sites much more.

After discussing website analysis and its significance, I’d like to share a quote: “Too much knowledge and analysis is paralysis” – Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

While analyzing the website, concentrate on resolving crucial issues to boost efficiency and effectiveness, avoiding overwhelm from extensive information.


Simply collecting the records of data’s of your website’s traffic is going to do no good to your website. Convert data into valuable insights and then transform them into effective marketing strategies for continuous improvement and growth over time. This will hence result in building a highly efficient performance- driven website. Without converting these data, your website’s traffic and functionality won’t experience any improvement or change.