CRO- Conversion Rate Optimization is a systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action of filling out a form and becoming a customer.  The CRO is a process that involves the understanding of how users move through your site. What steps they take and what is stopping them from completing your goals.

What exactly is a conversion?

When visitors complete the site goal, it is known as a conversion. Every site has a different way of transformation. Suppose you are a site selling products, then once the visitor has made some purchase then it is considered as a conversion. This is the primary goal of the site also known as the macro conversion.  But before the macro conversion, there are many smaller conversion steps. These are known as the micro-conversion steps.

Examples of conversion-


  • Purchasing product from the site
  • Requesting a quote
  • Subscribing to a service

Examples of micro-conversions

  • Signing up for emails lists
  • Creating an account
  • Adding a product to the cart

What is the conversion rate?

The number of times a user completes the divided goal by your site traffic. If a user can convert each visit like buying a product. By dividing a number of conversions by number of sessions,  it will give you the number of unique times a visitor visited your site.  If you are selling subscriptions, divide the number of conversions by the number of users.

A conversion rate optimization depends on the number of visits to your site. While conversion rate optimization is different from SEO optimization. As the SEO calculates the conversion depending on the click-through rate to your site in the organic search results. It also sees the driving keywords to the site.

How to calculate the conversion rate?

Suppose you own an e-commerce site named Accessorize. It is possible that the visitor makes a purchase each time they visit the website. So you should optimize the site so that the user visits many times. If a user visits a place three times, it means there were three opportunities to convert the user.

Let’s see how the user behaves in three sessions-

  • Session 1- No conversion-The user simply gets familiar to the site and poke around.
  • Session 2- The user bought new headphones
  • Session 3- The user bought new mixer grinder and a pair of glairs. (In this session there are two items it will be considered as one session, i.e., one conversion)

Let us find out the conversion rate by using the formula unique purchase order divided by a total number of courses.

The above user converted two times in three visits.

Find the conversion rate of your site by looking at all the unique orders, dividing the total number of sessions.

Conversion Rate

Calculate Conversion Rate By Sessions:

Conversion Rate


When the user converts only once?

Let’s consider our site Debongo. Debongo has a YouTube channel, blog and subscription to the daily newsletter. A user may come back, but once he has made the subscription, they won’t convert again.

Let’s look at the user behavior-

  • Session 1: The user just wants to visit your site and get to know your site.
  • Session 2: User subscribes to the daily newsletter.
  • Session 3: User came back to read the blogs, watched YouTube videos just to poke around.

Here you need to measure the conversion rate by the number of visitors rather than a number of sessions.

Conversion Rate

You can calculate the conversion rate as shown below. Divide unique orders by unique users.

Conversion Rate

5 Ways CRO benefits SEO’s

The CRO is not directly related to the organic website traffic or ranking on a search engine (SERP), the conversion and optimization rate has distinct benefits for SEO.

1. Improved consumer insights-

Conversion rate optimization will help you better understand your crucial audience and find the most suitable language or message they understand. The conversion rate optimization looks at finding the right customers for your business. Acquiring the right kind of audience is more important than acquiring more number of people.

2. Better ROI-

A better ROI means having a higher conversion rate. You can get more out of your acquisition efforts without bringing in more potential clients.

3. Better scalability-

The growth of your business does not mean that it will attract an equivalent number of audience. CRO will help you improve without running out of potential customers. By turning more browsers into buyers, you can grow your business without running out of potential customers. Audiences are not infinite. But by turning more browsers into buyers, you can grow your business without running out of potential customers.

4. Better user experience-

With CRO study you will know what sticks around your website. If you give the user a sophisticated and smart site, they will stick around. By taking what works the best for you and working on, it will give the user a better user experience. A good experience user may also become a preacher of your site.

5. Stronger Trust-

If you want your potential client to share email, credit card details or any other sort of personal information they need to trust the authenticity of the site. Like the internal sales team, your website needs to the professional face of the digital world, where the customers get answers to all their questions.

Your website will give you that high conversion rate you desire. So have a fully optimized website. Knowing what your audience wants is the right way to get the desired CRO. Get started with your conversion rate optimization now. Hire our SEO services to get that Conversion Rate high.