This article reveals where to find quality PLR products. First, understand PLR and its benefits before exploring these products.

What is PLR?

So first of all, the term “PLR” stands for Private Label Rights. This licensing permits modification, resale, and more for digital products. Resell Rights (RR) and Master Resell Rights (MRR) are more restrictive than PLR.

Why would we need PLR products?

In most cases, PLR products are used for reselling purposes. It means, if you don’t have your own product there are thousands of PLR products, like eBooks, software, or courses that you can change, re-brand, and re-sell as your own.

Basically, the PLR industry allows you to sell products even if you haven’t created them.

What a lot of people do, they browse for different PLR products in different categories, they put everything into a package and they can sell it with an increased value.

Also, PLR products are often used for giveaway purposes. For example, if you are building an email list you must give something away for your audience every time you ask for their email address. It could either be a free eBook, software, template, or anything else and PLR products work best for that.

Lastly, you can use PLR materials even for your own purposes. For example, if you need written content on your website, but don’t have time to write it by yourself there are millions of PLR articles out there in every possible niche that you can take and use on your website.

Keep in mind, that the chances are that someone has already used these articles online, and they won’t be original. So, in most cases, you will have to edit and re-write those articles in order to make them unique and appealing for the search engines.

Another example would be the templates. If you don’t know how to design effective landing/squeeze/sales pages, you can easily find done-for-you ones, and all you will have to change is going to be some text lines.

There are even niche PLR website templates in every niche you need. Those are pre-built, ready-to-use websites, which usually come in PHP file. With this type of website templates you don’t have to worry about building sites from scratch or all the design aspects of it. In fact, they also often come with integrated ads and affiliate networks.

So, now since we know the advantage of these PLR products, we need to find the best way and a place to get them from.

IDPLR.COM is far the best source to find these type of products. The reason why this platform stands out from other PLR sources, is that it offers a single time membership fee. Whereas on other sources you will have to pay for every PLR product you download individually.

IDPLR has few membership options, like 3 months, 1 year, or lifetime. With your membership, you can freely browse and access over 12,500 products available on the platform.

The products come in different categories, such as:

  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • Templates
  • Articles
  • Music

Must mention that all the categories inside are being constantly updated and there are plenty of new products being added to the membership.

This materials normally come with a squeeze and sales pages, and that is effective if you are trying to resell or give them away.

Besides the essential PLR products, IDPLR offers some additional stuff. There you can find some useful bonuses, like:

  • Free product section (does not require paid membership)
  • Free 10GB web-hosting
  • Training on how to use this products correctly and effectively
  • 3D eCover creator, which allows you to create or edit covers of eBooks, videos, software, and more…
  • 2 FREE GOLD DOWNLOADS – this feature allows to download any of 2 products from IDPLR for free, so it’s a good way to check if the quality of products is worth the membership.

Fairly speaking, do not expect the quality to be awesome of the products on IDPLR. A lot of times products will require touch and edit, but generally, PLR products are never perfect, and IDPLR is considered the top quality source.

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