Today, Crypto Chain University made its debut as the world’s first research institute exclusively compiling cryptocurrency and blockchain research. The institution zeroes in on public policy issues surrounding Bitcoin and decentralized technologies.

Crypto Chain University’s official URL is ☓.com, registered on February 3, 2005, and was previously the founder’s personal blog.

The university doesn’t offer courses, programs, or certifications. It serves as a research-only institute, boasting one of the world’s largest Crypto and Blockchain academic archives.

“Founded on decentralization theory, the University aims to provide a free, open-source resource for all,” said Herbert Sim, Crypto Chain University’s Founder. “By freely sharing cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge, distinguishing legitimate crypto projects from scams becomes simpler for investors.”

Exclusively to ITsGuru, Herbert shared that Crypto Chain University will operate as a non-profit. The university seeks capital for operations, promoting Blockchain and Crypto awareness through a charitable initiative that benefits the public.

At the moment, Herbert is currently self-funding the University, to drive the vision for making the knowledge of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain available for all.

The university’s arms, designed himself – a shield with the symbols of a bull, a bear, and a book, embossed on it. They conceptualized it by referencing the Harvard University’s Veritas Logo.

The bull symbolizes bullish, and the bear symbolizes bearish, characterized by rising share prices. And the book above both represents the pursuit of knowledge, of both Crypto and Blockchain. The opened book represents knowledge that is available and free for everyone.

These three symbols are all encompassed within one united shield symbolizing the latin word “fiducia” (“confidence”, “trust”, “assurance”, “faith”, “reliance”, and “security”), and the securing of the latin word “scientia” (“knowledge”, “science”, “skill”, “expertness”, “awareness”, and “acquaintance”).