It seems like almost every week, another silicon valley CEO or internet ‘gooroo’ is launching a must-read digital marketing book, doing the podcast circuit, and soaring to the top of business best seller lists.Many of these are not much more than fluff pieces, or vanity projects that seem to do little more than fatten the CEO’s pockets – and egos.

So what are some of the top books for digital marketers?  Books that you MUST have on your shelf that can positively affect YOUR bottom-line in 2020?

This is our list. Some classics that have graced the top of amazon charts for over a decade. Some newer releases. It’s of course subjective. Whether you agree or disagree with our choices – let us know in the comments!

The Four Hour Work Week

The Four Hour Work WeekIn 2009, Timothy Ferriss seemingly came out of nowhere and took over the best-seller lists with the 4-Hour Work Week. The book questions mainstream thought on retirement, work, and the the draconian 40 hour work week.

The 4-Hour Work Week has been translated in 30+ languages, has launched Ferriss into the mainstream, and has graced the top of the New York Times best seller list for over seven years. The book’s popularity led to four more best-sellers, a tv project, and the rise of his popular podcast.

The Tim Ferriss Show has been downloaded more than 500 million times, making Tim Ferriss the “Oprah” of podcasts.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad first launched in 1997. Today (2020) it’s currently the #1 best selling personal finance book on Amazon. In fact, Rich Dad Poor Dad is considered the best selling personal finance book of all time.

In his first and best-selling book,Robert Kiyosaki makes complex topics easy to understand. Learn entrepreneurship, the difference between an asset and a liability, and some non-traditional (but true) advice to escape the rat-race.

While he doesn’t discuss digital marketing directly – this book is often considered the gateway drug for digital entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneur’s Playbook

The Entrepreneur’s PlaybookKevin Steven Quinn’s The Entrepreneur’s Playbook is a group project with contributions from 70+ online entrepreneurs. The book covers everything digital marketing from SEO and blogging, to social media marketing, and sales funnels.

Quinn has managed to wrangle ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club members, super-affiliates, seven figure earners, and more to contribute to what he refers to as the digital marketer’s bible. Each chapter is accompanied by additional (bonus) supplemental resources. It’s like 70 online courses for the cost of a hardcover book, making it a no-brainer for anyone doing business online.

If you want actionable advice from real entrepreneurs in the trenches like Alan Dean, Ilir Salihi, Cody Neer, and Paul Mottley, this book is for you.

DotCom Secrets

DotCom SecretsAny of Russell Brunson’s books could have made this list. The trilogy, DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and the New York Times best-seller, Traffic Secrets are required reading for anyone entering the digital marketing space.

Whether you use the ClickFunnels software or not, Russell Brunson provides proven digital marketing strategies.

These are the same strategies that have grown ClickFunnels into a multi-million dollar company with over 100,000 paying members.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Connect with customers and kick the competition’s a$$. Digital marketing expert, Gary Vaynerchuck shares the blueprint to social media marketing today. While the book was written in 2013, the advice is evergreen.

If you’re marketing online, you need to have a social media presence. There’s a wrong and a right way to do it. The CEO of Vayner Media knows the landscape better than anyone.

Top Books For Digital Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re a successful internet entrepreneur or just getting started with a side-hustle, these are five top business books that will help guide your path. While you may not have the opportunity to take Tim Ferriss out for coffee, or meet a veteran like Robert Kiyosaki, you can access their timeless advice, printed inside the pages of these books.

Is there a business book that’s inspired you on your path to digital entrepreneurship? If so, let us know in the comments!