Custom Application Development

ITSGURU specializes in developing custom application development services with world-class solutions that drive the value of your business.

We develop applications which automate daily processes to solve the most complex problem to give simpler solutions. Our team of software developers have put it more than 1 million hours creating solutions in the industries like retail, automotive, eCommerce, finance, non-profit and publishing.

System Integration

Systems integration is the process of linking different computing systems and software applications together, either physically or functionally, to act as a one coordinated application.

ItsGuruSystem Integration can help you taking your business to the next level. It can help you increase your productivity and focus more on what is more important. You can share information with other vendors and business partner digitally. It can help you automate the data entry process, reduce labor cost and reduce error.

Application Maintenance

Typical Application Maintenance provides service from managing a legacy system to developing modernized new application. ITsGuru’s application maintenance services help advance your applications with your changing business requirements, reduce the system downtime, improve process and productivity, increase performance and in the process enhance and extend the life of the applications. We can help you either maintain your current systems or do custom renovation so the applications can comply with

We can help you either maintain your current systems or do custom renovation so the applications can comply wit a new set of regulations and standards or other meet demands with the external events.

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Our Proven Process, Produces Results


We will put our feet into your shoes and will make your problems as our own. We discuss every aspect of the idea with you, figure out the objective, gather all requirements, so we can better understand your concerns and find solutions for that.


We breakdown every aspect of the problem and analyze it further. We have our business analysts design the architecture and communicate with our developer and discuss its technical aspect before the implementation process begins.


The real code is written here. Based on the type of the project, we decide which programming language to go with. Our developers follow a strict coding guideline defined by our company and other programming tools.


All the pieces of the application are brought into one environment and tested for errors & defects. These errors are reported, tested, fixed and retested until quality standards defined in the planning stage are acquired.


Once the product is ready after testing, it’s officially launched in the appropriate market for the end users to see it in action. Based on client feedback, suggested edits are made and maintenance is done for existing clients.

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