In a bid to assist individuals and companies in defending amid the rising cyber threat. The attacker is successfully probing defenses for weaknesses that, if exploitable, will without fail to take them closer to their ultimate goal.

And so that you might not fall into such a fleet of situations, here is the infographic made by our designing team, which highlights the areas which can be attacked and what are the statistics of stolen data.

Path of A Cyber Attacker - Itsguru

Depending on their objectives, the activities they intend to carry out on your systems will differ, such as disrupting the regular business operation and overloading the organization’s internet connection. Experian consumers reported more than $900 million in total fraud losses.

With these shocking statistics in mind, it’s simple to see why we require to start taking identity management much more seriously. Identity theft, data breaches, and many other ignorance and failures in identity management are on the mount, and we need to start shielding ourselves.

Stay Safe and protect your valuable company information until we come up with yet another piece of the infographic for all our prospects.