You are proud of your business because you have worked hard to build it. You invested your hard-earned money, labor, and time to build your business. How would you feel if someone threatens your business? Our guess is you will not feel great. That is why you are reading this article. However, it is not possible to find fix-all solutions in security. You can take the following safeguards and precautions to make your business less vulnerable.

Here are 5 commercial security tips from The Lock Boss for reducing the chances of your assets and business falling into the wrong hands:

1. Access Control

There is nothing wrong with wanting to believe the best in everyone. However, the realities for both big and small businesses are internal theft and employee misconduct. A “disgruntled” employee is not always the case. It is the temptation and opportunity of the employees in restricted areas sometimes.

Invest in proper access control measures to ensure the authorized personal can only have access to these areas.

2. Make Sure There is Light

Indeed, most crimes of opportunity usually occur in the dark. So, ensure there is adequate lighting in your property, which includes your parking lot or structures. Adequate lighting not only deters crime. It also reduces the chances of accidents, such as slip and fall on your property.

The best option is motion lights. They can deter crime since most opportunitists will lose their nerve due to the blast of light.

3. Functioning Cameras

Do not hang dummy cameras around your property to prevent theft or other crimes. This is tempting fate. Do not rely on this “scarecrow” effect. It can backfire since opportunists are now getting wise. Make sure you properly fit your business premises with the best Commercial Security cameras.

It is easy to manage modern-day technology. You can use your smart device to manage your security cameras 24/7.

4. Get a Safe

There is a reason it is called a safe. A safe is a must-have, so you must have one. A decent safe can protect against brute force. It is also fire and damage-proof in case of natural disasters, such as a storm. It is not cheap to buy a safe. However, it is worth it in the long term.

5. Alarms. Alarms. Alarms

A proper alarm system can help protect your business. In fact, there is nothing like a proper alarm system. It not only alerts you of a robbery. It also alerts you of smoke, fire, or flood. Hire a professional to install a proper alarm system on your property. It is cheaper to hire a professional and it can save you money on insurance.