There is no doubt that cloud and data storage is the new buzz in the IT sector. As cloud and data, storage is quickly becoming the prime method for storing business data. Cloud computing is definitely one of the safest ways to save sensitive information.

But every new technology has positive and negative aspects. Let’s find out the challenges and comforts of choosing cloud storage.


1. Cut off from computer source-

The first danger is of being cut off from your computer resource. A simple communication gap can cut you off from the resource. The online world is constructed in a way to route files around damaged transmission lines, failed systems as well as hurdles. The online world is self-healing on the contrary to the personal desktop. Your hard drive controller will cease to function. Now you don’t have a spare hard drive in your closet you could install. Don’t get upset at your cloud storage supplier going off-line for several minutes. The time needed to install a new drive controller is half a day.

2. Information Theft-

The second most considerable threat of cloud storage is information theft. Cloud storage vendors seem to be careless about safety. Cloud storage vendors are likely to be more diligent as compared to large enterprises or individual users. The larger the business, the more visibility one has to result in more exposure about the not so diligent types. Additionally, businesses keep their files with cloud computing providers, it is possible to attract cyber terrorism.


1. Increased Profits-

Cloud storage will give you a minimum of 25 % growth in revenue. Cloud storage enables businesses to work smoothly by giving them access to essential tasks anytime, eventually increasing the revenue. You may be working in some remote location your people can work and get access from anywhere. This will give you happy clients and increased sales, resulting in high revenue generation.

2. Efficiency-

A new cloud setup will get your employees stuck initially. But once they are comfortable with the system, it will bring improved user experience. Employees will have access to needed information with permissions. Once your business starts embracing the cloud, you will notice that your entire business runs efficiently.

3. Cost Cutting-

The fact that you can’t ignore that it will help you save money. Cloud-based usually eliminate expenses like software licensing and upgrade fees, power, cost cooling and server maintenance. Once you have shifted to a cloud, you don’t have to maintain hardware. All you need to do is subscribe to software and services. The subscription fees are very minimal and inexpensive. Apart from cost cutting by adopting cloud storage, you can also opt for solar energy to cut cost.

4. Enhance Your Business Security-

You surely shouldn’t mess around with the security of your business. Small businesses are frequent victims of data breaches. Cyber attacks are huge threats to small businesses. Cloud services allow enterprises to take regular backups or shift data to a safe location online. This also means that if the unexpected happens, your business can run on backups in just a few minutes. This means that when your data is continuously backed up, with no physical storage then you automatically improved security.

Choosing cloud storage isn’t exclusive to major companies. You may feel resistant as with cloud storage you may have to face a few challenges. Overcome the fears and adopt the latest technology. Smaller businesses can reap the benefits of cloud storage. With compelling features, cloud storage will stay in the market. Avoiding cloud computing may put you behind your competitors.