Content marketing is the iron man of the digital world. There is a particular science behind it to get it correctly done. As writers, you may write engaging blogs, but that is not enough for a successful content marketing strategy. This article will give you some considerations for Google and SEO approach for your content marketing strategy.

1. Be aware of what is popular-

As a blogger, you have hundreds of thoughts on whether you should write trending content on Google or not. If you want to draw an audience to your blog you need to have a general idea about the types of content that will engage audiences online. This will increase popularity among the audience and make it easier to share.  A quality content marketing is about doing simple things exceptionally well.

With the trending content, you can create your own original exceptional piece of content. Keeping the originality intact is a forte of a good content marketer.

2. Understand what keywords consumers are using on Google-

Moving from trending on Google, you need to understand what keywords are being used by viewers on Google. Once you get an idea of these keywords, you can use them in your content marketing strategy. The keywords should be placed creatively in the article and not make it evident that you are inserting them for SEO purposes. You surely don’t want to stuff your article with the keywords.

How to brainstorm on trending keywords?

For starters, you can search on social media platforms on a daily basis. If you see the same news and article popping up all over social media. Once you have gone through the social media platforms, it’s time to turn to some good tools that will help you search for trending keywords. Your target customers may be staying in a different demographic but the trending keywords will anyway help you find trending content online. Creating engaging content using trending keywords will surely get you the desired SEO ranking.

Here is a list of few tools you can use for keyword search-

3. Consistent content is critical

As you are aware that content marketing plays a vital role in the SEO part. Brands have realized the fact that is important to have a highly ranked content on Google to attract business. Hence, you need to produce fresh content on a regular basis. Promoting old relatable articles with your fresh content is highly relevant. The more you are associated with a particular keyword you can promote old content with the fresh ones. Make a content marketing strategy and outshine your peers.

As a brand, you need to have a robust content marketing strategy. It is an art to produce readable and engaging content for your audience. It takes a lot of creativity to produce regular attractive content. You also need to keep Google and SEO in mind while creating content. Keep your eyes open and be in touch with what is popular. Understand the Google keyword and be consistent in your content.


Hope this article was insightful for your future content marketing strategy.  Get your content marketing strategy right and generate more leads for your brand. What is your opinion about the content marketing strategy?