You may be an SME or a large finance company, you need to look out for the best lead generation tactics. A lead generation strategy that will provide the best return on investment.

When you are in the business of offering financial leads, it means you are actively working on converting finance leads. If the company is already in the digital space, it means more competition at national and international level. You are running a Bank, Credit Services, Financial leads or a wealth manager generating leads online or offline.

These are some tips that will get you started with the lead generation.

1. Aim At Local Leads

While digital marketing may allow you to target the desired audience in Australia, using them as leads is a difficult task.  By targeting small to the medium enterprise, you are cutting down competition. You can also utilize local resources like events, community outreach programs and reputation management to directly connect with leads. For example- You can attend regional and relevant business and networking events and host your own event to draw potential leads.

These things take time and money, they are of personal attention to form a strategy and convince the potential leads.

Conduct programs like hosting one-on-one free consultations at your local bank, offering mortgage calculations and assistance at an event. By just talking to people at a networking event you will help people meet in need of financial aid.

2. Offer Free Tools

The personal outreach can be valuable, offering free tools, information and consultations online. It can be a cost-effective way to build trust, generate leads and draw customers into the marketing funnel. Depending on the services you provide, you can create courses, videos, blogs to help people understand the complex world of financial services.

In the current tech world, you can offer webinars, educating videos or even Skype training. You can filter out unwanted services by asking customers to opt in if they are interested in following up regarding your specific services.

3. LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is an important marketing tool, especially for a financial service provider. As financial service companies also need to target B2B clients, LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool. In case your company has associates, encourage everyone to spend at least 30n minutes on LinkedIn every day. Make appropriate connections on LinkedIn. Give a personal touch in the conversations helping you identify leads, categorizing them and connecting them with a person. Spending additional time will help you identify potential leads. After listing all the leads, you can categorize them and connect with them personally.

4. How Are You Different From Other Financial Services?

You need to show the audience that you are unique. You stand out among the competitors. Show the prospective customer things that differentiate you among the crowd. For example- If you are into accounts handling business, show them a unique accounting software you are using.

Customers should know that you are a value-added asset to their business. Giving a free service is a widespread move. You can differentiate yourself by being honest, trustworthy and provide more than just financial services. Connect with the prospective client by genuinely talking to them, remembering their name and details about them is a value addition.

5. Popup

Popup is a great lead generation tool. Popup’s can help you to capture leads on your site. They usually capture leads when they exit your site. They are proven to help you increase the size of your list. It is critical to grow your list size and utilize your team.

There may be ten thousand potential clients visiting your website and only a small fraction sign up for a demo.  This is an overflowing bucket of the client only if you can capture them. You can do this by an interesting e-mail and woo them through your mail.

The Broad Features That  A Popup Software Comes With-

  • The Popup captures the leas when they intend to exit the site.
  • The scroll activation allows you to serve an offer once they have reached the end of any blog post.
  • There are timely delay features tying in nicely with the page they are currently surfing.
  • Recognize the current subscriber. It is essential you recognize the subscriber as it is truly annoying for anyone to get a notification after a day or get the same popup.
  • Customizable templates allow you to create a truly personal and on-brand message for potential clients.
  • The customizable templates will enable you to create a private and on-brand message for potential clients.

There are no reasons for you not to use popup software.

Financial services play a significant role in the economic contribution in any region. So this sector will always have some stiff competition. So you will still have to work that extra mile to generate a good number of leads. There are many ways to do so like emails, social media, popup, etc. You also need to stand out in this overcrowded realm. Thus availing a  professional lead generation company will be a good option.