Are you looking to get more traffic to your website? You want to convert daily traffic to sales or leads. You want your site to rank in the search engines. Then the only thing you should be concentrating on is SEO.

SEO is one of the vital technique that improves internet marketing for your company. Crucial search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have different ways of ranking you in the search engine.

I recently read a post on what is SEO and how SEO works.  SEO is about affecting the online visibility of any website and I will tell you how it works.  Take a look at the ways to improve SEO ranking of your site which will enhance the online visibility.

1. Target Keywords

For starters, you should know how to choose target keywords. Position them correctly so that they could generate more traffic for you. Prudently use less competitive keywords related to the most competitive keywords. This way the keywords will be more targeted and you will experience high ranking.

Another way to increase your primary keywords is using keyword search tools like Google Ad word. With this tool, you can also find related keywords.

You have your keywords ready; the next step is to position the keywords. One of the best ways to place your keyword is blog post title. Right from the title the search engine can immediately recognize and tell what the website/article is about.

2. A good web hosting provider

Can you think about the relationship between web hosting and SEO engine capability? Well both of them have a role to play in giving your website an excellent search engine capability.

It is possible you have used all SEO techniques but failed to get good ranking. This happens due to trouble with IP address.

Originality is the key. The IP address should be original if used by someone else you are in trouble uses it. If the previous website renowned one then you are lucky as this will help you. In case it is the different search engines will never grant you the desired ranking.

Hence, you should do a background check, reputation and reliability of your service provider.

3. Choose the right domain

With URL based optimization techniques and you will see that Google likes to keep it short, simple and clear. If you add more characters to your domain name, it is more difficult for the viewers to remember it.

Always choose a short domain name relevant to your websites niche and recognized in the literature. You can also go for the brand name as domain name.

4. Easy website navigation

Little things like website navigation make a big difference. Easy navigation affects the traffic and improves the conversion rate. Good web design gives an exceptional navigation experience to the users ensuring the visitor spends more time on your site. There is a simple way of doing this use a sitemap or breadcrumb navigation. Sitemap navigation is a structured page that can be easily crawled to search engines whereas, breadcrumb navigation enables you to know where users are on your website at any time.

Website navigation best practices include:

  • Be descriptive
  • Avoid drop-down menus
  • Restrict the number of the list to 7
  • Use responsive web design that is mobile optimized.

5. Social media sharing

There was a time when purchasing Twitter followers, or social bookmarks would increase your SEO ranking. Gone are those days.

Today Social media is an essential channel for sharing information and sharing your website across various platforms. This not only improves the authority of your site but improves organic traffic to your site.

Popular social media networks you can use include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

6. Switch to HTTP/2

Search engines emphasize on page speed. You need to understand the fact that networking impacts page speed which is a must in search engine optimization.

HTTP/1 is long gone since 1999 it is time to shift to HTTP 2. HTTP 2 will make a dramatic contribution increasing your page speed.

7. Use Google as A Bellwether

Google is a standard search engine for SEO which won’t be changing anytime soon. Keep the updates made by Google on top priority lists. This is the biggest thing to watch.

The second most significant thing to watch would be mobile-first content.

In the era of advanced mobile technology, search has become more mobile-focused. Material that shows on mobile first will take a dominant position in search engine crawl and ranking.

8. Focus on UX

With the introduction of the Rank brain in 2015 search engine have become much smarter at determining what makes a good search result. The use of Rank brain and machine learning have produced good search results appearing for all viewers.

Keyword ranking factors will surely help. But a merger of SEO and UX rewards sites that deliver excellent customer experience and faster loading time. In the coming future over optimized site based on keywords will start losing out on good UX.

9. Clarify your intent

SEO is no longer just about keywords. It has become more about purpose. Brands should make sure that their content is based on intent and what user expects when searching for your brand. Cross-channel marketing will affect the SEO viability of a company’s pages.

10. Limit errors

With improving site speed, you should develop sites in AMP.  Moving to https: // and making other technical changes can lead to server side issues like abundant redirects 404s or orphaned pages. This will slow down the speed of the entire site and kill usability. Making sure that the site works 100 % after making such changes should be a top priority.

11. Move from content production to content library

Frequency, recentness and relevancy of content are stories of past. Search engine users and search engines are trying to find fantastic content rather than many posts.   It is an era to give highly researched, multi-media, organized content that provides the readers with great value. Companies need to stop producing libraries of content and concentrate on quality that attracts and retains best readers.


Read these SEO tricks to improve your ranking immediately. Hope this article has helped you with SEO ranking tricks.  If you have any queries, let us know in comment section below.