Moment Share

Company at a glance:

Client Requirement:

The client wanted to design an application and portal for marketing and promoting their business/dealership activities with the help of social networking handles. Integrate the function of adding videos and images for intermediate trade and sales promotion program in order to increase sales.


  • Merging the images along with banners
  • Function of uploading large videos on YouTube
  • Incorporating resumable feature for uploading videos on social networking handles
  • Setting business page for customers
  • Adding login functionality for different social networking handles like – Face book, Twitter and YouTube
  • Setting Service Manager login functionalities
  • Setting agent access to moment share application
  • Accessibility of viewing marketing agents promotional activities by sales manager
  • Regularly updating employee by sending necessary messages and links
  • Social Networking sites enabling and disabling in accordance to promotional activities requirement


The team of BlueBox Infosoft Pvt. ltd designed website and application for promoting the business activities required by the dealer or business man.

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