Everything you need to know about landing a digital marketing job after college

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Digital marketing is currently one of the most popular degrees chosen around the world by thousands of students, and they have their fair reasons. Why choose digital marketing over anything else? According to Forbes, “digital advertising is one of the most powerful and most popular methods of reaching consumers and driving business results. Digital ads allow advertisers an incredible amount of control over messaging and creative rotation. And the digital world permits tremendous flexibility in market segmentation, ad frequency and overall campaign scale.”

The importance of digital marketing in today’s society is crucial for reaching new customers, engaging with clients, and spreading the word about your business. Further, it is essential to keep everything moving in any industry. But landing an entry-level digital marketing job is not as easy as most people portray, and this article can help you understand why, as well as how to break some standards and get an interview for the position of your dreams.

Below you can read all about entering the digital marketing industry after college, why it is difficult to land a position after finishing your college education, and how to get access to quality jobs and interviews with the help of a specialized program exclusively made for those trying to get digital marketing jobs.

Can I Land A Digital Marketing Job Right After College?

The possibilities are there, but how far are you really from them? It would be foolish to state that getting a digital marketing job after college is easy, especially if you’re fresh out of college and haven’t gained the right Digital Marketing work experience that companies are asking for in their job descriptions as the Marketing industry can be very competitive.

You can spend months trying to get interviews but if you don’t have the right work experience they are asking for, it will be very tough to succeed here. Furthermore, if you don’t have any significant connections within the industry, this of course also makes things harder for you. Below, let’s take a closer look at some of the fundamental components of how to get that first marketing job after college.

No Work Experience & High Competition

The debate regarding the difficulty of getting a digital marketing job after college revolves around two fundamental factors: not having much of the right marketing work experience that companies are asking for and the fact that Digital Marketing jobs are highly coveted due to their rising salaries and great career potential

Straight out of college, not many graduates have had the opportunity to gain great Marketing work experience at an internship, part-time job, or any other job that they can display on their resume that will catch a Recruiter’s or Hiring Manager’s attention. Remember, it’s not just about getting a Marketing internship or Marketing work experience, it’s about getting the right work experience that companies actually want as more times than not, college students end up at internships where they’re getting lousy work experience as their manager’s don’t trust them with important tasks. If you aren’t getting good work experience at your internship, these internships on your resume won’t really help you all that much in securing a job after graduation. What Marketing work experience is in-demand? Easy! Just look at Entry-Level Digital Marketing job postings as you’ll see the same type of work experience they’re asking for over and over again. I’ll save you some time here though. The most important Marketing work experience that Marketing Hiring Managers want to see you have is in Social Media, Email Marketing, PPC, and SEO Marketing. In a competitive industry like digital marketing, if you don’t have the right work experience, this will significantly reduce your chances of being able to land a job.

This can become a real struggle for many graduates as you’re put in this weird position where you can’t get a job because you don’t have enough work experience yet you can’t get any work experience if nobody will give you a job. Thankfully, JobPrepped has your solution for you. We understand how important it is to land a great digital marketing job after college, so we help you with every single aspect into turning you into a Top 1% candidate including giving you the immediate Marketing work experience that Marketing Hiring Managers want you to have to ensure you start getting interviews ASAP.

Offering high-quality digital marketing training from a former Fortune 500 Top-Level Marketing Exec. and immediate work experience so you can get hired as fast as possible, JobPrepped is here to help you get hired quickly for Marketing jobs and achieve your goals after college. Here you can take a closer look at JobPrepped’s Digital Marketing Training + Get You Hired program or keep on reading to find out more.

The Importance Of Networking & Saying Yes To Opportunities

You might have already heard about the importance of networking, but how do you do it effectively? The end goal of networking at this stage in your career is usually to get a job opportunity. But, remember, in order for networking to work, you have to have the right work experience in the first place otherwise people aren’t going to give you the job opportunities you’re seeking as simply writing a niceLinkedinmessage to someone isn’t enough to gain their trust in giving you a full-time salary position. That’sjustunfortunately not how it works.

Networking should take place after you have the right work experience hiring managers want because now you’re someone who is actually hireable and thus, the time you spend networking can actually lead to a job offer if done right. Some of the most successful people in the world, if not all of them, express the importance of networking and being open to all opportunities. To find entry-level digital marketing jobs after college it is highly important to network with Marketing professionals, CEOs, directors, LinkedIn professionals, and more to spread the word about yourself. But networking takes a lot of time and strategic planning if you’re trying to get a job this way so make sure you have a strategy rather than just messaging a bunch of people as I’m sure your goal is to get a job out of these efforts rather than just connecting with a bunch of people. If you don’t want to spend months networking to get job offers, we’ve got you covered on that as well.

At JobPrepped, we’re connected with over 10,000 Marketing professionals, Hiring Managers, and Recruiters and you’ll be in this network as soon as you join our program so that we can get Hiring Managers and Recruiters to start reaching out to you so you get as many job opportunities as possible. Now you won’t have to spend months trying to network on your own as you’ll get access to this immediatly through JobPrepped. Furthmore, you won’t just be in front of the right people now, but you’ll also receive the exact Digital Marketing Training hiring managers want you to have and we’ll give you the exact Digital Marketing Work experience they want you to have as well so that you’ll get interviews quickly. From there, we make sure you’re pitching high-level marketing strategies during your interviews that align with their current marketing strategies to not only show that you’re a good fit, but to also show the impact you’ll bring if hired. This is a main reason why 94.3% of JobPrepped students get marketing interviews or job offers within 3 weeks.

It’s really quite simple when you think about it. We give you exactly what hiring managers want you to have in terms of Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing work experience so you get interviews and then we make sure you know exactly what Digital Marketing strategies to pitch during your interviews to ensure you ace them and get job offers.

How To Get An Entry-Level Digital Marketing Job

To get a digital marketing job after college it is important to have the right work experience companies are looking for and then be able to pitch digital marketing strategies during your interviews showing how you’ll be able to grow their company. Furthermore, having an understanding of what area of digital marketing you have a passion for will help also ensure you’re in an area you truly enjoy.

JobPrepped will take care of every aspect in turning you into a top 1% candidate so that you not only get hired much faster but for better companies and for a better salary as you’ll now be giving companies exactly what they are asking for in their job descriptions.

In a world where it seems like getting a good Digital Marketing job after college is hopeless, just remember it all just comes down to 2 things so you can focus in the right areas. Give hiring managers the exact work experience they want which will get you interviews and then you just need to show your worth during your interviews by pitching high level digital marketing strategies that show how you’ll improve their marketing efforts.

JobPrepped Training For Landing A Digital Marketing Job

JobPrepped’s Digital Marketing Training + Immediate Work Experience program has a simple 4-step process, in which students will begin by receiving the latest digital marketing training in an on-demand setting, including social media marketing, Email, PPC, SEO marketing and much more. In step two, we’ll give you immediate work experience in the exact areas hiring managers want to maximize your potential so you get hired ASAP.

In step 3, we perfect your marketing resume, LinkedIn/IndeedProfiles, cover letter, and more to ensure you get interviews ASAP. Finally, we teach you exactly what to say to ensure you ace your Marketing interviews.

Because we care about providing a customized approach to each student, our program spots are highly limited to ensure that all students get 1-on-1 time with a former Fortune 500 Top-Level Marketing Exec. throughout the program.

Start working towards the life of your dreams and let us help you achieve your career goals in the most streamlined way possible. Getting that first marketing job isn’t rocket science as I showed you above. Give hiring managers the work experience they want and then show them how you’ll improve their company during your interviews as that really is the key to your success. If you’re ready to launch your career, feel free to check out JobPrepped and we’ll make this process 10x faster and easier for you.