How does an IT organization like ITsGuru determine the cost of its services? How does service cost intelligence help with strategic, portfolio, and project planning? Does the transparency of IT service costs increase the trust of IT by campus leadership? Is IT service costing worth the effort and time? As budgets for IT are on the peak and the essentials of a reliable technology team boosts, as more organizations are understanding the compulsion of being honest about expenses, both- to staff and stakeholders.

For most companies, the cost is the most general factor that impacts IT budget conclusions, and without a transparent strategy in place, these costs can rapidly skyrocket- especially as technologies need replacements or updates.

For organizations that implement IT cost transparencies, not only can IT departments make essential and educated decisions as an outcome of knowing where the money is used, but they are also on the same page as the business department associated to the expense of functioning IT, ensuring the best strategies for future innovation and discoveries.

IT Cost Transparency – Definition

In simple terms, IT cost transparencies is tracking the total expense it needs to maintain and deliver the IT services that are granted to the business/company.

By making all costs and expenses transparent via management systems and software, organizations are better able to identify that business growth is not influenced by the pressure of IT budgets and strategies.

In the comprehensive scope, IT cost transparency is an attribute of IT cost optimization, which itself is an element of a global IT optimization strategy. Forming cost transparency, and further on cost optimization, in the IT department requires a thorough understanding of not only what the business requires from IT but also of the prevailing IT baseline cost.

IT Cost Transparency Elements 

There are diverse factors that must be acknowledged when shifting towards IT cost transparency, and it is imperative for businesses to be appropriately notified of the main elements included.

There are few of the attributes upon which we the IT Service professionals at Katy focus upon;

Business System Correlation

The primary element of IT cost transparency. What this means is that the figurative statistics from the asset and analysis baseline must be reasonable for action to take place.

IT systems and costs can be correctly identified along with the value they provide the business if expressed in ways that decision-makers can understand.

Asset Baseline IT

One of the crucial steps towards IT cost transparency is to search the IT asset baseline- this is accomplished by performing an entire analysis of the statistics of IT assets that are chargeable and comprehending how they are utilized.

These assets might entail things such as; mobile devices networks, storage, employee workstation servers, and software. This baseline number must be precise and reflect the amount of money towards these assets entirely.

Business Intelligence – BI

Although making the asset baseline easy and transparent to understand is vital, those steps only are not adequate to obtain IT cost transparency on an extended level or platform.

Including the connections of virtualization, clustering and licensing, the relationship between the deployment of software and its configuration must also be made transparent.

IT Cost Transparency Perks

While the idea of decreasing expenses is a huge draw to existing IT cost transparency, there are many other advantages over adopting a stable system.


For IT leaders, being able to have additional force is a profit of IT cost transparency as it permits them to more strongly communicate and the reasons behind their overall value and costs to the company/business.

A Complete View/Perception

One of the most significant advantages of IT cost transparency is that it offers a comprehensive view of where the money is being invested throughout the divisions.

This information gives stakeholders and IT leaders the ability to make accurate decisions regarding current as well as futuristic demands and innovations.

IT Cost Transparency Wrap-Up

IT cost transparency shouldn’t be perceived as merely another significant project that IT departments must experience to check it off the agenda.

Instead, it should be seen as a concrete investment that will end up saving tons of money and time as the years pass by.

By understanding business system correlation, reporting assets, and identifying how business intelligence links with other systems, organizations leads one step closer to IT cost transparency and, ultimately, total cost optimization.

Thus, if you are still confused on how to make this a source of your business call our IT Consulting Companies in Houston.