The marketing efforts you put into your company can mean the difference between success and failure. A well-thought-out marketing strategy is vital for company visibility and staying in customers’ and potential clients’ minds. Still, many business owners might wonder: in-house marketing team or marketing agency? Which is the better choice? So, why should you choose a marketing agency to take on your marketing tasks?

1. A Whole Marketing Department at Your Disposal

Hiring a marketing agency provides access to an entire marketing department, a major advantage for your business. Hiring one person is unlikely to encompass all skills found in a marketing agency’s diverse team.

In an agency, experts in specific marketing areas like SEO or content marketing are typically present, offering focused expertise. Specializing in one area allows experts to provide valuable knowledge, ensuring you benefit from their deep expertise and insights.

2. All of the Pros, None of the Cons

When hiring in-house, you can expect to enjoy similar benefits to those offered by a marketing agency. However, you are also more likely to have to deal with a number of drawbacks. We spoke to a source at London-based digital and print agency, Liquid Bubble, who said,

“When you hire in-house, you can become very dependant on a very small group of people. Now, if one of those people goes down with the flu and is off work for a week, your marketing efforts can end up grinding to a halt. When you hire a marketing agency, if one person calls in sick, there’s always going to be someone else to pick up the slack.”

3. Take Your Marketing to the Next Level 

You might be lucky enough to hire a fantastic marketer with plenty of great ideas. However, even someone who is great at their job can end up running out of steam when they are working alone. However, with a marketing agency, you are able to benefit from a whole team of people who can bounce ideas off each other, keeping their momentum and maintaining a level of consistency.

Additionally, you will have access to a team who are immersed in the industry so are able to use their expert knowledge to benefit your campaigns. This team will not be bound by the same restraints that an in-house team are, and they are much more likely to come up with the out-there ideas that can make a huge difference to your marketing.

There are pros and cons to hiring both marketing agencies and an in-house marketing team. However, there is a whole range of fantastic benefits associated with hiring a marketing agency, helping you to take the marketing of your business to a whole new level.