Digital marketing is an exciting, dynamic field constantly evolving to keep pace with search engines refining their platforms and algorithms. Having graduated from college, you could consider a career in digital marketing analyst to assure you of worldwide job opportunities, work-from-home options, and attractive salaries. 

You can choose spheres that are interesting and match your skills and aptitudes since this industry includes a wide range of related areas. Entry-level positions are available in marketing analytics, market research, content development, SEO, web designing, content management, social media marketing, and various others. Statistics on LinkedIn report that the ten most in-demand jobs are in the digital marketing sector, with the possibility of 860,000 job openings in 2021 alone. 

Having a Degree in Marketing is Helpful But Not Essential

A college degree in marketing, no doubt, helps you with understanding the basics like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, considering that marketing is a highly competitive sphere, you would need informal training and courses. Sign up for premium online learning tools available at LinkedIn, Udemy, Coursera, and Purdue-Simplilearn, among others. 

Getting Hubspot, Google Analytics, or any basic Paid Google certifications indicates that you have some level of understanding about how search platforms work. Similarly, if you intend to work in social media marketing, you would want to learn from their endorsed partners. Look for training programs that carry recognized credentials from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. These programs are scaled and tested and provide in-depth information about the latest techniques and strategies employed by social media platforms to stay ahead of the curve. 

Learning on the Job and Gaining Experience

The only constant in the field of digital marketing is change. Candidates have a better chance at getting new projects and positions if they can demonstrate their ability to learn quickly on the job, adapt to updated concepts and techniques, and are flexible to match the company requirements. You can improve your resume by acquiring, assimilating, and analyzing new digital trends to help client websites integrate innovative SEO and SEM strategies and stay competitive. Digital marketing is the ideal career for creative people as the constant need to adapt to new challenges suits them best.

Staying updated on the latest developments in internet marketing is paramount. Interestingly enough, you need not wait until you graduate to sign up for courses or start building experience levels. Take up freelancing jobs via social media platforms to start honing your skills by learning everything you can about internet marketing.

Develop Soft Skills

Training and certifications are essential for building up your resume. However, aside from technical skills, you must also develop soft skills to gain an edge over the competition. The ability to integrate the latest technological developments and apps in your day-to-day work, communicating effectively, multi-tasking, time management, and teamwork are only some of the essentials for a digital marketer, regardless of whether they are working in a formal office setting or as a freelancer. Strong work ethics, writing reports, and selling your skills will help you grow as an individual and professional. It may interest you to know that 94% of recruiters see more potential in resumes that list soft skills. 

Be Open to Small Projects and Internships

As we’ve stressed before, experience and learning as you work are critical for a successful career in digital marketing. Be open to picking up entry-level positions where you’ll learn a lot and develop a portfolio even if the pay scale is not quite what you expected. Your focus here should be on building an impressive track record of successful outcomes to impress recruiters and hiring managers. Even after getting an enviable position in an innovative, prestigious company, continue to sign up for courses to advance your skills and learn about the newest advancements in the field. 

Online marketing is a lucrative career option with the potential for personal and professional growth and fantastic salaries. The best factor is that you won’t need advanced college degrees that require the investment of three or more years of your life and racking up student debt. As long as you are willing to learn, experiment with new ideas, and be creative, you will be successful.