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We welcome you to ItsGuru, where we consult you to provide you with the best possible solution for your business and marketing needs. Apart from the business and marketing solutions we provide we have developed few tools and services that you can directly use based on your requirements. Please read the Terms of Service section carefully to understand and comprehend our management conditions that administer your right to use itsguru.com website and its associated tools. This includes all forms of substances like content matter, functions, tools, and services provided on or via the website (directly or indirectly).
Any of your following actions offer an automatic agreement to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of ItsGuru.com website:

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If you do not in any way agree to ItsGuru.com terms and conditions, then please do not continue using our services. In this case, end your relationship with us and cease accessing or using the website or any other services in any manner. Repeated continual use of the website manifests the fact that you are in agreement with the privacy policies and Terms of Service, provided here.

Age limit is 13 yrs and Above

The eligible age to create an account on itsguru.com’s products, services and tools is 13yrs and above. The website is a definite NO for children under 13 years of age. If you use the site then you are under a binding contract with the firm that you are of the aforesaid legal age criteria. Please make sure that you meet all requirements before accessing or using the website.

Terms and Conditions – An Outline

We offer a whole range of innovative services categorized and presented in an original manner. At ItsGuru we ensure that you are given the opportunity to provide the best possible experience to your readers. Here is the overview of ItsGuru.com terms of use including its services. So, let’s get started:

Business Solutions And Digital Marketing Services: 

All the information and data provided by our clients is only utilized to provide them the best possible outcome that will improve their business’s efficiency and profitability. We use the information to research the market and come up with customized solutions for them. The information is not shared outside with 3rd parties and is used to analyze the market and increase their lead count and website traffic.

TweetShare (Click-To-Tweet) WordPress Plugin:

All the content creators/posters are requested to create tweetable quotes that are meaningful and high in quality. You completely own the content and information that you post on your website for your readers to share and you have full rights to that content. By sharing the tweet boxes on your website, you agree that other members can share it in public using their social media accounts.

Swarm Effect (Social Proof Notification) WordPress Plugin:

All the webmasters who use the plugin are requested to create notifications which are related to their website and are meaningful and should not be misleading. By sharing the tweet boxes on your website, you agree that other members are allowed to take action (subscribe, visit other pages, place order, etc) on your website.

We try our best to maintain safe and secure environment here, but we cannot guarantee it. If you ever come across a user not adhering to the Terms and Conditions of itsguru.com, please Contact Us.

Please read our Terms Of Service from time to time to keep track of any changes in our way of approach and thinking, and also our Privacy Policy. These Terms Of Services were last updated on Feb 25, 2016. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please let us know