Technology is continually evolving. What more exciting developments can we expect in 2020? A look at the future of techniques and a vision of possibilities will make this technology era even more exciting. The future is always exciting, and there is no doubt that the basic idea of digital transformation will become a reality as innovation grows at a tremendous rate. This means staying on top of the latest advances in technology. This means looking to the future and understanding what skills you need to learn. Well, here are the latest technology trends in Information Technology in 2020:

1. Mobile Development

With the increasing use of the cell phones, there is a growing demand for mobile development skills, from gaming to shopping. According to Statista, mobile devices’ world population has more than 4 billion unique users; more than half of the world population uses mobile devices. The use of mobile devices is growing and increasing, so it is good to develop some mobile device skills. The primary mobile skills are the Android and iOS mobile developer skills.

2. Python

It is one of the most demanding and popular languages in programming today. Python allows developers to work on some of the most popular technology trends, such as mobile phones and artificial intelligence. Some of the skills required to become a Python developer include necessary Python skills, knowledge of web frameworks, and analytical skills. 

3. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity remains the biggest challenge for businesses of all sizes because they invest heavily to ensure they are protected. From 2018 to 2020, Cybersecurity spending is expected to increase by 9.4%. So it is the right time to start learning Cybersecurity.

4. Artificial Intelligence

AI has been around for some time, but it continues to evolve and grow. It should change the way humans interact with the digital world. Keeping track of these trends and investing in skills within AI is very important.

5. Blockchain

According to a study, the demand for blockchain engineers has increased by 517% over the past year, making it one of the leading technology skills. Blockchain engineers are also being offered big pay cheques, which prove how valuable blockchain capabilities are.

6. Cloud Services

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Amazon Web Services is a known name in cloud services, so businesses will need people to create applications in the environment.

7. Data Science

Companies are constantly trying to understand their data, and there is a high demand for data scientists. Some of the most sought-after skills in a data scientist’s role include skills in programming, statistics, machine learning, data management, data intuition, and software engineering.

8. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an emerging industry, which will continue to grow in 2020. The demand for Virtual Reality skills has increased by 37% in the last year. If you want to develop new computer and technology skills, consider Virtual Reality skills, including design and development with 3D modeling software, programming, and graphics programming.

9. IT Support

There is a constant demand for IT support candidates, as companies of all sizes will need IT support managed service provider. There are many ways to get IT to help, and you can do it without a degree. If you haven’t been to university or want to study in the future, you should consider taking the time to pursue qualifications such as Linux and Cisco. 

10. IoT

IT, in general, can be very competitive for applicants; however, one area of IT is IoT (Internet of things), which can accommodate many more developers. IoT is still one of the growing regions of the tech world. IoT still has not yet reached its full potential due to a shortage of skilled people in the field. This makes IoT skills in high demand by 2020.

The IT and technology industry will continue to evolve with new skills by the end of the year. Thus, it allows you to develop and hone your skills throughout the year. These are a few of the most sought after technical skills for 2020, so invest in learning one of these skills.