Marketing is an ever-evolving business strategy. Surveys suggest that 76 % of respondents feel that marketing had changed drastically in the past two years than in last 50 decades. This is a major change due to the digital marketing revolution trending. Mobile accounts for 72% of digital ad spend. Voice search is also trending from the past year. 60 % of people started using voice search. Social media gets 90 % business for B2C platforms. LinkedIn is a major part of the content marketing strategy for B2B  business structures.

With the changing technology, there is a huge change in human behavior, and marketers need to keep up with this change. Here are four digital marketing strategies you need imply this year.

Hyper-Focused Content-

Marketers are focused on creating significant regular content. Social media, video, photos, Infographic, and interactive content, have saturated the consumers. Your competition is not just the brands in your industry, but you need audiences, attention, affection, and money. Irrespective of your industry, you should have a niche or a hyper-focused content to attract attention.

Become detail-oriented and consider sub-niches that might not be widely popular among your audience. Adjust your content calendar accordingly to appeal to your audience. For example, a fitness center creates a weight loss tips video. Define your niche with a blog post like “Weight training for busy moms”  or “Safe and effective bodybuilding for those over 50.”  Be near the niche and don’t take it too far, it will confuse your audience. Try to balance between the audience interests and what they haven’t seen yet. Target the niche of your niche.

Voice In SEO Strategies-

Predictions say that more than 50 % of online searches will be done through voice searches. With Siri, Amazon echo, and Google home assistant already flourishing the market, voice search is the future. It is time to start an SEO strategy that includes a voice search. To move ahead in the search engine ladder optimizing voice search is the need of the hour. To do this “position zero” needs to coveted. Position zero is the “featured snippet” block that appears at the top of the search page. Optimizing content for these featured snippet blocks is essential for a featured voice search.

Three tips for voice search optimization-

  • Provide specific and concise answers-

Create content that directly answers any question in a few words. Paragraph snippets should be most commonly chosen without using any industry jargons.

  • Ensure your webpage is already optimized-

You won’t have any featured snippet if you are already not writing engaging or interesting content. The study says 99.58% of featured pages already have a top ranking on Google. Having a strong SEO strategy for the existing webpage is the first step to voice search SEO. Apart from that, your webpage should be engaging. Have a properly described metadata description. Include strong internal and external links. Voice search is more about mobile search so make sure your website is mobile optimized. If you don’t have an optimized website, the user will bounce back affecting your ranking.

  • Research question-based keywords-

Know the word sequence used by your audience. For Example- “Which is the best fashion style trending? Or How do I [ insert service ] ? or how much does [Y] cost? ” Think about what your target audience will ask.

Millennial Drivers-

Studies show that convenience stores are two times more important to millennials than a fast-casual restaurant. This indicates that millennials want short and sweet experiences.  Convenience is the key for them. Our generation is looking for quick answers for whatever they are searching. Use language and phrases that can commonly attract millennials. Arrange a real-time chat for customers to guide them for answers that they are looking for immediately.

How can you do this? 

  • Use videos
  • Engage your audience on social media by using the engaging content. Your presence is not enough. You
  • Create valuable content and work with an on-demand lifestyle by giving them the option to download knowledgeable articles, e-books or webinars.
  • Develop an app that provides millennials with information without any wait.

Artificial Intelligence-

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way businesses interact with customers. One of the studies shows that 15 % of respondents prefer chatbot to interact with business in the last 12 months. Three ways you can integrate digital strategy with AI.

  • Interact with website visitors-

AI bots are capable of live chat without any specific employee dedicated to the work. You can program the Bots to answer common questions and pass it on to a real person if the Bot is not able to answer the question. Write the question and answer in your own voice sticking to the companies branding.

  • Qualify Leads-

Lead management can get challenging with leads coming from different digital media platforms. Set a bot to find out where the customers are in the sales funnel. Bots are capable of answering, asking, conversing any question and then pass the customer to the appropriate salesperson. Integrate social media tools like a Facebook messenger with a bot. Your customers will be directed to the right customers without speaking to them.

  • Personalize the experience-

All customers love to have personal experience. Bots are programmed to take in data from users so that their visit can be personalized each time.

The future beholds a good deal of changes as far as the digital world is concerned. Keep in touch with the latest buzz and reach the desired digital marketing goal.