You have an Instagram account, and you don’t know what to do about it, so you want to hire a social media manager. That is not just the role a social media manager will play. The job requires a full range of essential skills.

Many potential customers look to connect with the company or brand on social media, companies need social media managers who can help you grow business online. Whether you are already an experienced social media guru or just getting started, get some insight on how to place your content on different media platforms.

1. Graphics production

Articles with images receive 94 % more views compared to those without any pictures. A tweet with images receives 18 % more clicks than without any image. If your business targets women, millennials or teens, images are even more evident to attract these genres.

Photo-centric platforms like Pinterest and Instagram require a near-constant influx of high-quality original images.


Professional Social Media Manager

Therefore it is important that your social media manager has the necessary skills to create unique and eye-catching images. It is important to have an eye for images, and photoshop skills and ability to source edit images is a must have.

2. Writing skills

For graphics production, advanced writing skills are not necessary. But for a social media manager, it is necessary to have a good command of the language and meaningful communication through writing. The social media manager need not write blog posts but he/she needs to communicate with viewers or customers on a daily basis, and most of this communication is expected to be in writing.

Brands like Chumbak, Amazon, Taco Bell are loved online as they have their own distinct style of writing.  Someone who is a natural writer can get through this easily.

3. Customer Service

Most customers are looking for answers to their queries online through social media. If you are bored of waiting on hold from the call center. More than 50 percent of customers use social media to ask specific questions to find answers to their problem. That is huge!

Your social media manager should have some basic customer service skills like.

  • Timely response as your client expects a reply within an hour.
  • Search and monitor conversations relevant to your business.
  • Be proactive in engaging with your followers. Don’t wait for a compliment.

Your social media manager should have the ability to move difficult questions offline. A successful social media manager knows that social media presence is your brand’s image online. Everything said or done online is a representation of the brand for a good or bad image.

So the role of a social media manager is of a community manager acing the customer service for your customer service and business.

4. Video Creation

Video content is one of the most important ways to reach the audience. Over 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day according to Cisco’s research into global IP video traffic.

Social media managers need to develop pro skills to create compelling stories on platforms like Instagram Stories, Facebook Live broadcasts, and Snapchat Stories. YouTube is another space for video marketing.

Animoto can help beginners create compelling videos.

5. A strong understanding of SEO and content marketing

As social media person involved in the day- to- day management, promotion, and distribution of blog content knowledge of SEO and content marketing is a necessity. The social media person should have the big picture of how blog and social media content fit into search rankings.  How all the content operates within the marketing funnel.

Content is the foundation of your SEO strategy, and Social Media Manager is the gatekeeper. Your social media manager should understand the connection between exposure on social media and increased search ranking. Driving traffic to companies website is the ultimate goal for any of these social media strategies.

Do not rely on yourself for all the social media marketing. Hire a professional who can analyze your brand and present it accurately on all the social media platforms. Social media users are growing each day and capturing your brand value on this platform will give you a potential number of leads.