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How an accounting school can use digital marketing to target B2B clients

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An accounting firm must target and be able to reach B2B clients in order to grow. Businesses need accounting services but there are a huge number of accounting firms – from multinationals like the big four to “mom and pop accounting firms” which are usually set up by local accountants. There are also freelancers. Many [...]

Google Ads Performance Max: 7 Do’s and Don’ts

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Although we've had Performance Max for some time, we're only now beginning to test its capabilities. From this, we're learning more about Google Ads campaigns and what works best. URL expansion and auto-generated video assets, for example, are two elements of Performance Max that feel rather revolutionary. Other parts seem eerily familiar, such as responsive [...]

What Is a Strategic Marketing Agency and What Does It Do?

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Have you ever heard about a strategic marketing agency? Well, with its professional services and support, you can quickly improve your recognition, reach the right audience, and boost your sales. But what is an international branding agency? What does it do, and why is it worth investing in its services? Strategic brand agency - what [...]

Best ways to launch your Direct-to-Consumer brand

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The Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) strategy is rapidly becoming a popular route for manufacturers and brands to enter the market directly instead of as a middle-man entity. The benefits of going direct to the consumer are several, but naming a few, going D2C leaves out the barrier between the producer and the consumer. It gives the producer [...]

Is It Hard To Get A Digital Marketing Job After College?

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Everything you need to know about landing a digital marketing job after college Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash Digital marketing is currently one of the most popular degrees chosen around the world by thousands of students, and they have their fair reasons. Why choose digital marketing over anything else? According to Forbes, “digital advertising [...]

How to get started with online marketing

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As most of you already know online marketing is important. But here in the beginning of 2022, there have never been more channels to keep track of, so today we're guiding you through the different types of online marketing you need to know about. It can be hard to learn, but with a little grit [...]

Introduction to Digital Marketing – Why SEO Matters

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Every business needs SEO services to be successful. SEO is a strategy that helps companies rank higher on search engine results pages for relevant keywords or phrases. It's also an essential part of b2b digital marketing strategies because it boosts traffic and engagement with your company's website. This blog post will discuss SEO in detail, [...]

Skills Needed to Land a Job in Digital Marketing as a Recent College Grad

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Digital marketing is an exciting, dynamic field constantly evolving to keep pace with search engines refining their platforms and algorithms. Having graduated from college, you could consider a career in digital marketing analyst to assure you of worldwide job opportunities, work-from-home options, and attractive salaries.  Select intriguing spheres aligned with your skills in the expansive [...]

Major 5 Marketing Mistakes In Working With B2B

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There are several ways for marketers to use social media. We frequently see many fine examples of social media marketing from brands, store chains, and local companies that promote brand awareness and active customer participation. And what if your service or product has a long sales process rather than being a popular luxury product, or [...]

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