Digital marketing is one of the most critical platforms you cannot ignore. It is the ultimate power of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the new marketing jargon in the marketing world. An effective online marketing campaign can get your business ahead of your competitors. There is a compelling need for marketing to have an impact on your potential client.

Streaming online content, social media and the ease of creating digital content have all made their space in the internet world. So, how will you market to your audience online? We shall take you to the top digital marketing trends for 2019.

1. Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the most #liked social media platforms in the United States. You will be astonished to know 41 % of its users are above the age of 65. There is no other better platform than Facebook. So marketing professionals better get started with the most influential social media platform. Even though Facebook has had a difficult 2018, with a data breach that affected 14 million users.

With the gaining choice of weapon and political propaganda on Facebook brings a drop in the popularity among the younger crowd. Many millennials are opting for social media detox. People feel that Facebook is overall changing the relationship between people.

Future digital marketing Trends should know their target audience. Some marketing campaigns may be the most unsuitable for some campaigns, especially when we talk about the younger demographics. Do not mistake that Americans have stopped using Facebook. They still check in on Facebook. Be sure that your target audience is still active on Facebook.

2. Instagram Marketing

Instagram was one of the most significant competitors before Facebook bought Instagram. The image and live video-based media platform are optimized to make it easy for users to share photos and videos from their phone’s. This feature has made Instagram the most popular social media platform.

Instagram has more than one million users and is still growing. Most of the Instagram users are of the age of less than 30. Facebook is losing its charm due to its reputation for being famous among old people.

3. Video Marketing

YouTube is gaining more popularity than any other social media platform. More than 73 % of all Americans use YouTube. YouTube is the most famous video marketing platform. YouTube is considered as more popular than Facebook. But it does not mean you should stop putting videos on Facebook or other social media platforms. A combination of all gives you a great marketing strategy.

Video digital marketing is about having the best of both the worlds. You can create entertaining and informative videos promoting any product. You can attract a massive audience with video marketing. Stick to basic rules of good video production and you are good to go.

4. Live Video Streaming

The fastest rising preference in digital marketing trends is videos. People are more into watching video content. The live streaming is one of the most liked interaction platforms in the digital world. You can go live on Instagram and Facebook. Instagram Live TV or Facebook Live is one of the best ways to attract an audience.

Get an influencer to do a live stream video and you will burst the internet. The combination of influencer and digital marketing is a bomb. Traditional sources of influencers such as celebrities, athletes, musicians, etc. draw a considerable audience. The spontaneity and interactivity can be a significant influence by a well-chosen personality.

5. Good Content

Content marketing is still one of the most essential components of digital marketing. Although there has been a significant increase in the nuance in content. A good quality unique content is what always mattered. A strong understanding of the target market is a more precise way of rising in the market.

An audience is a key to any content marketing strategy specific material for specific keys and materials are also important. A combined effect of moving content and effective marketing helps you relevantly move forward.

6. Email Marketing

It has always been a more significant channel of communication, with billions using emails for personal, commercial, industrial, legal, scientific and academic purposes. It is always here to stay. The Email marketing is evolving with time. You can just send an automated email burst to potential clients making personalized marketing an essential tool for 2019.

7. Voice Interaction

With the invention of Siri, Google, Alexa and Host verbal interaction devices are on a continual rise. The real takeaway is talking to a method in a preferred interactive way. People now prefer voice search over typing the question in Google. The machines are now catching up with the way people want to do their voice search.

You need to prepare for voice search differently. People are depending more and more on voice search. So start writing those metadata descriptions in an optimized way for speech that reads better.

The digital world is the new marketing technique you need to adapt to stay intact with the changing technologies. Hire a digital marketing professional to get your marketing strategy right. Every organization needs a different marketing strategy and have a different audience.