In this blog post, we will share with you how to upgrade your office’s network infrastructure. Networking is a huge part of the IT world, and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest developments in technology. Network Infrastructure is one of those areas that require constant attention as new hardware and software are released. In order for your company to stay competitive, you need an upgraded Network Infrastructure!

Many organizations had on-site databases, operating systems, application servers, and web servers to store their data before the Cloud became popular. They also wanted additional IT Support and Managed Services to guarantee that everything was properly maintained and tracked, in addition to keeping up with the on-site technological equipment.

It’s time for businesses to upgrade when manufacturers improve the technology on that equipment. After all, they didn’t want to risk their data due to faulty equipment! However, upgrading said hardware might take anything from months to years. Manufacturers may release new technology before companies finish their last equipment upgrade, which isn’t uncommon. Put it another way, businesses paid a high price for remaining up to date.

Is It Necessary to Upgrade My Network if I Use the Cloud?

These days, many people are moving or even beginning their careers on the Cloud. All of the necessary equipment, whether it’s for storage, backup, or collaboration, is provided, maintained, and updated by cloud-based services. It also frees up IT employees to handle other activities, as they do not have to upgrade equipment after each new technology upgrade.

Although migrating to the Cloud may reduce your network infrastructure needs, you will almost certainly need an upgrade at some time in the future. Remember, Internet connections must be private and secure in order for your business to thrive. An upgrade may be required to support a company’s growth. Even though the Cloud has helped reduce costs for many organizations, there are still firms that use on-site servers and local databases for a variety of purposes. Whatever it may be, your business will require an upgrade to its network infrastructure at some point.

Perform a Site Survey on Existing Network Infrastructure

A site survey allows your business to look at what equipment it has on-site and how quickly it will need to expand. This allows you to prepare for a network upgrade without having to wait until your current requirements are met., Our website is next to useless without this data. It is critical that you collect all of the information that will be accessible in the future, as well:

  • Number of logged-in users
  • Equipment and devices Available from a single location
  • Internet access is currently available.
  • Application requirements
  • Rules and regulations governing wireless technologies
  • Considerations for security and privacy
  • Existing network infrastructure
  • New services are necessary.
  • Budgetary restrictions

Planning Ahead

When developing a IT network infrastructure improvement project plan, it’s critical to prepare ahead of time. Something could go wrong, the upgrade might take longer than expected, or it may be canceled. You should also have a fallback strategy in place. This is a detailed guide on how to keep your businesses running if your equipment replacement fails or if your software upgrade isn’t completed in time.

It’s critical to plan ahead since you don’t want to find yourself in a bind when something goes wrong. It’s critical to inform everyone in your office about the upgrade timetable and your backup plan. If you’re upgrading your network infrastructure, you may also want to divide it into phases.

Backing Up Your Data

Before you upgrade any part of your network infrastructure, make a backup of all your company data. Regardless, data should always be backed up by businesses, and you may already be using cloud-based software that does it automatically. When a program upgrade is performed, data may be lost., Even if you believe that all of your data has been backed up, double-check to be sure.

Upgrade the Network After Hours

Make sure to avoid implementing your network infrastructure upgrade or maintenance during busy times. Prefer weekends for new equipment and software upgrades, especially after hours or complex updates. Delaying upgrades allows thorough testing with minimal business activity disruption.