To obtain a successful real estate market share, you need work on your lead generation. You can have a considerable market share and brand name through the leads you generate.

For a dominant real estate brand identity you need have higher sales in the real estate industry. This will create a real estate brand identity for you and eventually have a synergy effect on your business.

Lead generation will help you develop your sales line and turn your leads into prospects, then clients and finally closed clients.

It’s undoubtedly not a cakewalk to engage, cajole and establish customers in the real estate business. Marketing strategies investors implement to attract prospective clients depends on many factories including investors business and market plan. These many lead generation ideas will help the new or seasoned investors to consider the best strategy to move forward.

Here are many lead generation insights for you.

1. Start a blog

Being in the internet world your prospective leads will first search the web for the best real estate agency. Having a website will give you business search results on the web. So your blog should have a lot of information on the internet. Start writing about your locality near you. Include maintenance information on your web page. People will turn out to you when they are ready to buy.

If you are starting out new in real estate or are looking into upgrading your existing website, then check out these

2. Email newsletter

Drip marketing is also a grand strategy to generate leads. Send small email newsletters once in a week. Include old blog posts and link videos of the realtor community. You can be creative and create different versions of the newsletter for a diverse group of leads.

3. Facebook advertising

Facebook is one of the most excellent marketing tools. You can know who your ad viewers are. You can even see the pin code from where the maximum ads are viewed and you can target audience accordingly.

4. Bandit signs

These are smaller versions of the billboards advertisement. Bandit is the initial point of contact for real estate investors & the seller.

5. Target local homeowners with online ads

Local leads are always a choice for any marketer. Use online ads to attract leads in your area.

6. Podcast

Go ahead of your competitors by starting your own podcast. Release weekly podcasts. This will help you generate endless leads. Differentiate yourself from other realtors on this platform.

7. DIY / ‘Self-help videos’

Video marketing is the best way to advertise your offers. Via self-help videos you can assist and answer any questions from your leads.

According to ThinkWithGoogle, Videos about product features are most popular, followed by how-tos and professional reviews.

Average Watchtime of B2B-Related Videos

b2b online video views path to purchase

8. PPC advertisement

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the best-paid advertisement method for small budget realtors. This will generate good leads through the internet. PPC helps in wealth generation for small owners.

9. Cold call expired listing owners

Business Development is all about following up and follow up on expired listings is equally essential. Contact the homeowners who are trying to sell their homes but have failed to do so. You can take significant advantage of distressed sellers.

10. Create quiz

Asking questions can also be one of the best ways to develop interest among the clients. Investors can engage users and create credibility among potential clients.

11. Answer online questions

In the internet era, you will find many people asking you questions online, you surely should answer all questions online. Answering questions will help you build good relations and trust with your buyers and sellers.

Some of the most popular Questions and Answer websites (online Q&A sites) are:


12. Linkedin page

Linkedin is one of the primary social media marketing tools. Having a LinkedIn page will help you in the long run to generate leads.

13. Press release

A press release can provide you with residual leads. You should write and submit PR from time to time. An online press release is an excellent option as it will be read by millions, as the PR will stay there forever.

14. Sponsor a web post

As an investor, if you are looking for further options for content marketing this is a really excellent one. This is a combination of both content and paid advertisement for lead generation.

15. Twitter Ads

twitter ads | Lead Generation Ideas For Realtors and Real Estate Agents

Just like facebook advertisement, Twitter can also generate a lot of traffic for your business. The only thing you should remember is the mindset of your target audience.

16. Optimize your website

SEO (search engine optimization) is a free and very powerful marketing tool we have, but only if you know how to use it. Majority of the population do not know how to use it. This can generate goldmine of leads.

For a real estate business based on the size and the target audience, you are serving you can pick between local SEO or National SEO. Local SEO is more of a choice for brick and mortar business that serves customers in a specific geographic location while National SEO is for real estate business that serves an audience on a national level.

17. Affiliating marketing

Hire BD’s on a commission basis. Ask others to market about you. They will recommend others for your product and services. Investors can use affiliating marketing to increase credibility and trust.

18. Start contest

This will generate massive excitement between the leads. This will be High rolling your services.

19. Send text messages

One of the significant ways to get in touch with your leads is by sending text messages. They will at least have a look at your offer and this will give you leads.

20. Share testimonials

Your customers are the best to do your marketing with the testimonials they write. Always have the testimonials section open. This will provide with a large number of leads.

21. Affiliating marketing

Hire BD’s on a commission basis. Ask others to market about you. They will recommend others for your product and services. Investors can use affiliating marketing to increase credibility and trust.

22. Start contest

This will generate massive excitement between the leads. This will be High rolling your services.

23. Business cards

This remains the central point of making leads and networking. Having a business card is a must.

24. Partner with a local handyman

Partnering with a local handyman can give valuable leads. Handymen can prove to be an invaluable resource for individuals.

25. Advertisement in the newspaper

You can attract great amount traffic through newspapers. It can be any local, regional or international newspaper. Lead generation through newspapers will attract a large population.

26. Use door hangers

Generating leads from this old-school technique says that door hangers are necessary. These simple door hangers can give you astonishing results.

27. Leaflet drop

Leaflet distribution generates 120000000 Euros worth of business in U.K every week. This figure is only out of large corporations. This method is one of the most excellent ways for lead generation for realtors. Keep in mind demographics, find your right target audience and expectations of your target customers.

leaflet drops | Lead Generation Ideas For Real Estate Businesses

28. Contact local event organizers

Build credibility with the help of a local real estate or investment event manager. They will help you accentuate your real estate reputation online and offline as well.

29. Popup Ads

Implement a pop-up and grab your business opportunity. This is one of the great ways to generate leads.

30. Advertisement in a newspaper

This marketing strategy still generates end number of leads. Let’s just say you don’t have to put your advertisement in New York times but any local newspaper.

31. Ask for referrals

Ask your current clients to refer you to their friends and family. There is nothing wrong in asking for references.

32. Attend networking events

Networking plays one of the major roles for lead generation. Networking is one of the invaluable sources of generating leads, partnership and funding.

33. Partnership with an attorney

Partnership with an attorney will provide you with insights into personal affairs of your industry. An attorney can help you find an upcoming potential deal.

34. Recruit brand ambassadors

Social media gives a lot more information than other platforms so take advantage of this and recruit brand ambassadors from social media.

35. Add to a guest blog

You can just have a guest blog option and your clients can give their views in details via guest blogging.

36. Sponsor a local program

No marketing technique is too small. Sponsoring a local event can surely give leads in your area.

37. Host Garage Sales

Adopt this old style marketing strategy and beat your competitors. Host a community-wide garage sale and get to know your local homeowners more. It gives you an opportunity to connect with them and make them your future customers.

38. Contact sale by owner listings

This is a first opportunity i.e. sale by an owner listing.

39. Craigslist

This site generates more than 50 million views per month for per page. You should always go where people are.

40. REIA meetings

Real estate investor association ( REIA ) can be one of the most advantageous sources for lead generation.

41. Advertise on the radio

A radio advertisement has the potential to clout the mindset of the potential clients. Use it smartly as your marketing tool.

42. Publicize customer reviews

If your customers have positive reviews about your services, it’s essential that you share it with other clients too.

43. Create a virtual tour

Take advantage of this marketing trend. Create a video tour of your property. A virtual visit will help you sell your property. You can show vibe and intention in the video.

44. Join local landlords association

Local landlords have a wealth of contacts and joining a local landlord association will give you end number of investors.

45. Follow up on old leads

Following up is one of the primary marketing tools. These where once your potential customers. Following up may stir the wheel again.

According to CallDrip, it takes at least 5 follow-up efforts after the original sales contact before a customer will say yes and nearly 80% of all sales are made on the fifth through the twelfth contact. That shows the importance of follow-up calls to close your sales lead!

46. Referral program

The best way for real estate marketing is mouth to mouth marketing. In the referral program give your current clients some incentives for spreading a word about your excellent services among others.

47. Great Customer Service

This is the final and actual real way of generating a pool of leads. Provide your clients with world-class facilities. This is the best way to create long-term leads.

48. Partnership

Start a partnership with a realtor. A real estate partner can provide you with excellent leads and exceptional knowledge. You both can create a more significant market share with each other’s expertise and experience. You can gain additional support from a partnership like income tax benefit, increase your working capital.

49. Auctions

Arrange for auctions for distressed sellers. Keep your auctions transparent. This procedure will generate a lot of leads at one place. Auctions will help you increase your network and directly connect your buyer and sellers.

50. Direct mail campaign

If you want to grow big print media is the best way to broaden your horizons. One of the oldest efficient method of lead generation.

51. Join a homebuilder association

This will help you generate leads in the local market. This will help you increase your networking with like-minded people and groups.

53. Through a party

Grab attention by throwing a lavish party. This is the best way for networking and booking your future potential buyer and seller.


You may be a starting our your new career in real estate or an established business firm or an individual, following these fantastic marketing tips will give a pool of leads.

Real estate is all about finding new leads to keep your business shine in the market. Generate end number of leads by following these techniques consistently.

How are you generating new leads for your business? Let me know in comments below if you are using any new marketing tactics that I have not mentioned above.