The Covid-19 has changed the world in a way that no one could have predicted. Human movement is limited, cities are closed, businesses are forced to close temporarily or permanently, and people are asked to keep a close eye on social distances. In these extraordinary times, businesses are trying their best to create a sense of mediocrity. With the closure of physical stores, companies are stepping up their B2B marketing strategies efforts to serve customers and build new relationships.

People around the world who live at home spend more time on their devices. Coronavirus productivity studies have found that U.S. In-device usage increases by 16% or 56 minutes per day. No wonder e-commerce websites are improving, and social media marketing is booming. “Business as usual” is being redefined.

What Strategy Should You Keep in Mind When Setting Your Digital Marketing Trends for 2021?


Content maintenance is expected to remain focused in 2021. Blog posts, videos, white papers, social media posts, and more stay are effective ways of creating long-term value for businesses. But how do you make and communicate unique content?

The content should be not only relevant and qualitative but also interactive. This trend was developed by increasing voice search, image search, and AI and machine learning development. It should have interactive content in the form of surveys, quizzes, contests or calculators, augmented, virtual, and merged reality, ads that require clicking, swiping, or other types of interaction.

Video Marketing

In 2021, video marketing competes with text-based content and wins because of its power to attract, engage, and engage audiences. Today’s information delivery and speed of perception have made video content much more efficient. We often want to watch a short video instead of reading a boring article about a product or service. Just as our smartphones are extensions of our bodies (in terms of entertainment, communication, toolkit, and work), they also serve as a direct and fast form of video content for consumers.

Accelerating video marketing involves a combination of AI and effective marketing, and direct streaming. It can create a powerful visual tool that can increase engagement and improve the user experience across all digital platforms. Thanks to TikTok and Instagram Reels, easy to create, easy to watch short video ads are expected to become more prevalent in 2021 than ever before.

Voice Search

Voice search has been well known since Siri’s introduction in 2011. However, COVID-19 has made it easier for consumers to order and provide information through voice search. Machines are picking up with the way people search, buy, and interact with their devices.

Siri, Alexa, Google, and Cortana continue to grow in popularity. Approximately 27% of the global online population using voice search on mobile.

Digital Marketing Trends will need to use voice search to develop their strategies and content. Marketers who want to target voice users should consider how they communicate for accents and keywords, as voice search queries yield fewer results than text-based searches.

Personalized Ads

If people accept ads based on their personality, age, preferences, and lifestyle, they are more likely to respond. Preferably with clicks. However, if ads are irrelevant, they are more likely to be annoying and lead to “ad blindness.” As a result – no desired clicks and conversions.

Today, the Millennials and General Z races are the biggest buyers. And they love that everything is personal! In the future, personal advertising is essential. Therefore, marketers need to rely on AI to define the target audience and “attack” them with highly personalized and relevant messages. Programmatic advertising technology helps you deliver relevant messages to relevant people promptly.

Website Optimization

Updating your website might not be a bad idea in 2021. Check out what your competition is doing, think about the user experience, think about your website’s purpose, and look at designer portfolios. Current websites are coded in CSS grids with voice UI, SEO elements, and even data-driven design to improve visitor engagement and improve SEO.

To be competitive in 2021, websites must have more media features, such as videos, images, and animations. A great design will include chapbooks and landing pages, as well as tools like social media.

This may not be a complete detail of trends to come, as the coming year will surely surprise us with new uncertainties. But we believe that this version of ITsGuru’s vision will serve as a comprehensive guide for digital marketing trends. 2021 will be an exciting year. Just keep going and be prepared for the challenge!