Thanks to cybersecurity services. Thanksgiving season is a time we count our blessings and also countdown to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Online traffic surges as people scoured the internet with PayPal accounts and credit cards in hand, trying to seize the electronics deals of the year within seconds. With all the data that will be exchanged, it’s a time at ITS Guru; we give thanks for data security.

So, what has changed?

We are living in a far more technologically advanced world than we were as recently a decade ago. Consider this: the iPad debuted in 2010, shortly after the iPhone. Today, businesses rely on seamless online sharing, ubiquitous email, and global device accessibility.

The increase of Cybercrime

This growth in the widespread use of technology brought with it an increase in Cybercrime. For hackers, the possibilities increased on a broader level, along with the potential rewards.

The fact that cybercrime now seeps into every aspect of society demonstrates why cybersecurity is remarkably important.

8 Valuable Reason to Give Thanks Regarding Cybersecurity Services

1. Upgrading Provides a Simple way to obtain better security

Fortunately, many small businesses recognize the need for frequent IT updates. Crucially, transitioning from Windows 7 to 10 is essential before January 14, 2020. That date will mean the end of critical security patches, which will make those computers ripe targets for hackers.

2. Better Training Options for Employees

The weak link for all companies regarding cybersecurity remains their employees. Small biz is taking this sincerely and are increasingly implementing cyber hygiene policies, which includes training on proper email and internet behavioral patterns.

This also includes making your employees aware of the latest threats and how to stay rid of them.

This will swiftly resolve which employees are most vulnerable to fraud, as well as which types of phishing emails are mainly efficient with your staff.

In accumulation to it- this type of service also offers a range of articles, exercises, videos, and other training tools that will drill and educate your employees on how to stay away from being a victim of cyber and other phishing attacks.

3. New Technology Enhances Security

The advance of technology has given new cybersecurity services options that are and will make a real difference in protecting your company.

4. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) And Password Management

An employee logging into a portal with a password and two-factor authentication with advanced technology, there are now password management tools that store your passwords in a secure and encrypted hosted format that hackers can’t compromise with.

Along with keeping your sensitive data and password information safe, a password manager can be used to create unique, strong passwords to ensure users aren’t reusing passwords across networks.

These services are helpful for users who find difficulties in creating strong passwords for multiple accounts and also remembering them on a later stage.

5. Cybersecurity Insurance

Small business owners now benefit from cybersecurity insurance, providing legal and financial protection. Settling with hackers might cost less than IT upgrades. This insurance will comfortably cover this cost. Also, it is sometimes necessary for small companies in specific industries to have cybersecurity insurance to fulfill compliance requirements.

6. Cloud Backups

The rapid development of cloud technology has given small businesses with the top level of security, and cloud backups provide the highest level of security for your business.

These services will enable your company to restore or repair your operations promptly and reduce any costly downtime.

A primarily critical area where cloud backups are required is for your company’s laptops and workstations.

Utilizing cloud, this service provides secure backup for laptop and workstation files, even if not stored in your company’s designated storage.

The cloud backup for cloud environments services guarantees that there is a duplicate copy of all information in Office 365 or alike programs in case of a ransomware attack, hack, or any other mortifying event.

By utilizing cloud backup services, your company gains peace of mind, knowing data is secure and can be swiftly restored after breaches.

7. IT Solutions for Business

ITS Guru has been offering professional IT Support for businesses in and around Houston, TX, for 16 years now. We We aim to provide Enterprise-level solutions to clients at affordable prices suitable for small and growing businesses. Our experience has led us to create optimal workflow procedures and a proactive philosophy, allowing you to concentrate on your business rather than your technology.

8. IT Experts

Our crew of experts can become your outsourced IT department, attending to the issues quickly, often before you even know about them. Your IT infrastructure is our priority!

If you want to know more reasons for being grateful for the Cybersecurity elements to call us today on 281-789-0059