The era of voice and the visual search started long ago. But the future beholds an optimized voice and visual search. By 2021, it is assumed that AI will achieve full optimization to dominate the voice and visual search sector. It started with Siri and now we have Google Home, Amazon, Binge, Google Lens, Pinterest Lens.

Google will change its algorithm once or twice on a daily basis. The Future of SEO relies on voice and visual search trends. The personal assistance search has reached a smart home from smartphones. Voice search is the Future.

Currently, the component of SEO may remain unchanged but the definition of the purpose has changed entirely. The industry is now driven by visual and voice search trends.

It is said that 74 percent of shoppers report that text-only search is insufficient for finding the products they want.

  • 74 % of consumers agree that a text-based keyword search is inefficient.
  • 90 % of visual information transmitted to the brain is processed 60,000 times faster than text.
  • 67 % of consumers believe that the quality of the product image is important in selecting and purchasing the product.

It is not surprising that Gartner research predicts that by 2021 websites that are redesigning their website supporting voice and visual search will increase a digital commerce revenue by 30 percent. Marketers will be able to engage with the voice and visual search audience in a more effective and meaningful way.

Sensory Search

The information searched through senses like voice or visual search is termed sensory search. When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT) devices the ranking concept does not really work and machine learning algorithm fine tune the search results. Any Brands content must be relevant to a query. Two major trends are reinventing the sensory search visual search and voice search.

Hence, a new prototype has emerged: Sensory Search which is an umbrella term.

Visual search

Google Image search is available for a very long time. The advanced version helps you search an image taken with a smartphone camera as a search query. Google returns these images for 26.8% of search queries. This feature allows the consumers to search for styles and objects that would otherwise be difficult to define.

The latest visual technologies include Google Lens and Pinterest Lens. Amazon, bing and other major retailers are all investing heavily in this area.

Distribution of  US searches across 10 web properties



  • There are 600 + million visual searches on Pinterest.
  • 26.8 percent of search queries are returned on Google.

Visual search optimization tips

These tips will help you optimize visual search

  • Add multiple to each product or each topic.
  • Optimize the images for web and faster page load.
  • The sitemap images should be in extensible markup language (XML).
  • Ensure that the product inventory is updated across all search engines and retailers.
  • Maintain a hierarchy that is connected through relevant internal links.
  • In case you use a stock image, tailor them making sure that they are not identical.

Voice Search

Voice search has been a part of the search engine for quite a long time and is publically famous since then. In the voice assistance era, where Apple. Google and Amazon have all invented their own AI-Driven assistance devices.

Research suggests 65 %  of people own an Amazon Echo and Google Home.  These people strongly rely on their home assistance and for them, life is difficult without the smart speaker.

Voice commerce sales 2017, 2022 in U.S, U.K. 

Voice Search-3

Last year, the USA achieved a $15 billion sale, and the projection is for it to reach $40 billion by 2022.

The owners of the voice-activated speakers would like have information about brands, latest deals, sales and promotions from different brands.

The voice search industry is presently undergoing research and development, and it hasn’t reached full optimization yet. However, there’s an anticipation of achieving full optimization soon.

Google guidelines for any brand who wants a voice optimization

  • Content speakable data should have concise headlines providing useful information.
  • If the top story is in speakable, structured data, segment the sentences into readable sections for clear text-to-speech (TTS) conversion.

The concept of brand voice search is ready to take on the literal world.

Technical SEO for visual and voice search

If brands do not predict a variety and volume, they should ensure they are in prime position to attract qualified traffic.

As we are going into an era of ambient search with consumers always looking for instant information. These are some of the data elements that brands should focus on for visual and voice search-

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Product name
  • Image
  • Logos
  • Social profiles
  • Breadcrumb navigation

Let’s start working and optimizing for a futuristic AI based voice and visual search personal assistants. Let us know your thoughts  Visual and Voice search for your any business.