Building your white label software development can make you spend a massive amount of budget as well as working hours. But the undeniable fact is -This is not always required!

How about a presentation where you get to license the product to the customers and provide them on a subscription basis?

It is possible now through the assistance of white-label software and app solutions. This is a decent way of adding worth to the business without reinventing the wheel every time and saving yourself from spending more time, money, or efforts.

What Is White Label?

In simple terms, white-label software is an application that is developed by a business and is then sold by another company.

White label Development Services

White label services make it possible for you to get software developers with the right talent to work on your project. This kind of services are an entirely white label, which means that the project remains projected as yours forever. And the best part is- there will be no links connecting it with developers.

Some of the general types of white label product and services are:

White Label Software Development Services

  • Through White Label Development services company works on the backstage anonymously while letting you take all the credit of the developed solutions.
  • Generally, the company signs NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to assure the ownership of the developed products, source code, and IP rights stay with clients.
  • The company never discloses the information of clients unless and until they are okay with it.
  • Therefore, clients can be sure about enjoying professionalism when the partner with such white-label software development providers.

Services which ItsGuru implements for the business segments are; 

White Label B2B

The services or products developed by a company are re-branded and sold by a re-seller to their business clients.

White Label B2C 

The re-seller puts up for sale the re-branded products developed by a company to the individual end-user.

White Label SaaS

Here we host the re-brandable software on the internet and licensed for a subscription. Here the software is presented as the one of re-seller, but it is made available on a yearly subscription.

Such kind of option presents more returns to the re-seller over the period.

White label software can convert out to be a profitable affair when you take care of a few things. There is a checklist mentioned by our experienced team of White Label Software which takes care of some critical points, and they are mentioned below:

1. Customization

A clear idea about how the association of the software will look like, is essential- the functionality, the branding, access, and appearance.

Everything should be appropriately planned and strategized – from creating a user manual to entire packaging. You should be precise and specific about what you want to incorporate in the brief as your development team will follow the same.

2. Characteristics

During the project deliberation stage, there will be debates on what can be added and what not based on the available budget and timeline. So it is essential to come to the agreement where things can be cut down, and only the critical ones are placed.

3. Branding

It is crucial to know to understand whether you are working against tough competitors. You need to come up with a software solution which will be a spotlight on a specific stream and has a precise set of audience in the plans. You should look for the marketing niche with less number of strong competitors.

4. Development costs

You must have an idea or objective about the existing software development pricing slabs.

You need to be very precise and clear about how much you will need to pay to have the software developed according to your specifications. If the price of software development goes out of what you have expected, you need to understand the benefits that you will enjoy when you decide or plan to spend more on your business conceptualization process.

You can even get on a conversation with the developer to decide on the development pricing segment, especially when you are planning out to develop multiple projects or have any long term projects.

5. Integration

When you are ready to create brand-new software, you would have examined all the aspects of its development. You would have also thought about how it impacts your business planning.

6. API’s

What are the possibilities of adding up extra software and know about its incorporation? You should be aware of the APIs that the initial product will include and determine who will be responsible for future synthesis.

7. Security

This are a few things that you should every time give priority to when you are providing software solutions and services.

You need to ensure that your licensee or the end-user does not have to worry about any security threats. Knowing about any potential security threats associated with using the software and understanding the extent of software usage is essential.

8. Support

For the re-seller, the developer will formulate up a support system where the clients can interact and connect in case of errors.

The developer will guide the re-seller in investigating end-user issues and resolving problems by providing a regularly renewable support contract for addressing back-end issues.

9. Reselling complexity

You should talk about the possibilities of sharing or reselling software products with your developer.

It know what can is best for your Business IT Support Services— whether to sell the product entirely or is it right to share it on a subscription basis. It also discuss the royalties that the developer expects from you.

10. Affiliations

You need to have a specific and clear plan about who will be licensing and selling the software. There are alternatives where other companies can also sell your software for a decided reward or compensation.

If you wish to employ that path too, you can bring it into work by proper conceptualization and planning.

11. Pricing

Is your pricing right enough on units?

You need to ensure you are selling the software on a subscription basis by accurately enveloping the costs.

You’ve require to work with a developer to develop the software which takes up your expense.

You’ll need to advertise the software and promote it, which will be a costly affair too. So, you must price the software correctly so that you will not go in loss.

12. Understanding the Keywords Importance

Put in little research work on knowing the keywords that your end-users will search to find you. You should consider the description and name to match the same.

You can capture consumers’ attention in your software description by using the words they commonly use.

Hopefully, this guide of White Label Software has helped you to give a thought for applying this type of application/method into your business strategies.

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