When we talk about writing, it is all about skill and art to keep your reader engaged. When you are writing a blog post, the first thing that should cross your mind is the message you want to convey. Then you can look into the structure of your article and write appealing articles. Your readers are looking for simple and understandable information on your blog posts.

Clearly define your articles in the heading and introduce your article in the first paragraph. Give the concept in between with sub-headings and a definite conclusion in the end. If people like your article they will be more inclined to share its social media platforms. So, you can improve your ranking by enhancing your writing skills with these SEO friendly blog post tips.

It may seem two different goals to you while writing for SEO purposes and writing to attract your audience. If you want a readable and SEO friendly blog posts, you need to put these keywords at very prominent places. But stuffing your articles entirely with keywords will cause a downfall in the readability of your article.

Get insights with this article on writing blog posts that are readable and SEO friendly.

1. Keyword Search-

Before you start writing for SEO purposes and to attract the audience you need to do that keyword search. You might want to dominate the search results. But to do so, you need to know the keywords your audience are actually searching for. You should be writing about these topics and using these keywords in your article.

2. Think Before You Write-

Think about the message you want to convey through your piece of writing. What is the central concept you wish to convey to your readers? What’s the purpose of your article? What exactly you are asking your readers to do in the end? Note down the answers to these questions before you start creating your blog.

3. Structure Of Your Blog post-

Start your blog posts with a clear structure. Every post should have a clear structure. The structure of the blog post should have-

  • A clear introduction to your topic.
  • The main body should convey the message clearly
  • The conclusion should be summarized by drawing a conclusion.

Write down things you want to convey to your readers and stuff you will convey in all three sections. Now you can start with real writing.

4. Paragraphs-

Everyone uses paragraphs, but everyone may not use it that well. You do not have to start every sentence in a new paragraph as it looks pretty. Every paragraph has its own meaning and logic behind it. When You start a new paragraph, you should have the idea in your mind about each subject. Ask yourself about the main purpose in each section and write it accordingly.

5. Headings-

The headings will structure the whole of your article. They are essential for Search Engine Optimization as well as good readability purpose. The lines will help Google understand the main topics of a long lasting post for ranking purposes. If you want people to find a way through your articles, subheadings will lead them to the crux of the topic and help them scan your page with clarity. You can use some of the keywords in your subtitles. But overstuffing is undoubtedly not good. Make sure the text is not clunky and unnatural as it will put off people reading further.

6. Use Signal Words-

The signal words will help people scan through your text and grasp the main ideas. Let’s say, for example, there are four reasons potential buyers should opt for your product. You should use signal words like “first of all,” “second of all,” “third of all” and “final.” Also words like ‘nevertheless,’ ‘surely’ and ‘indeed’ give a clear description to the readers. Readers will get an immediate conclusion and will follow afterward like ‘consequently,’ ‘so’ or ‘for a reason’. Hence, signal words add structure to your text.

7. Let Others Do the Proof Reading-

Before you publish an article, let a third person read your article first. Ask them, if they understand the central concept you want to convey in your post and invite them to correct any typing or grammatical errors.

8. Optimize the length of your article-

The minimum word count of your article should be of 300 words. Google likes long articles, but if your articles are too long and complicated to understand it may scare readers. You can write long articles, only when you are sure of being a skilled writer. Don’t forget to use the focus keywords in your articles.

9. Back Links to previous content-

Internal backlinking is one of the important to get that SEO right. If you already have content on a similar topic to your current post then linking these posts is one of the critical things you need to do. This makes your post stronger as you have some authority on the subject you have written. As well as that, your backlink essential for Google rank.

10. SEO Friendly Content Is a Real Diamond-

Writing SEO friendly content is the essence of an article. You surely cannot write an SEO friendly content in a superficially complicated and improper language.

Content is a diamond without which you cannot achieve those SEO goals you thrive for.   Write a content that is quality, vibrant, informational and specifically detailed and unforgettable. Without unique and exceptional content, it is impossible to do any content marketing. A great SEO content marketing tip would be that you use your keyword in the first 100 words of your article.

11. Use Google Search Console-

This is the best tool to find out the most searched keyword of your website and choose topics to write your next content on. It used to be called as Webmaster Tool and now it is known as Google search console.

Here are some advantages of using Google Search Console-

  • Keywords that are driving traffic
  • Get a crawl error notification for broken pages.
  • Check your websites link profile
  • Check your mobile usability
  • Can enhance the mobile experience


Those days where a few SEO tricks are good enough to get that ranking for your site are long gone. Quality content is the king now. Good content leads to more social media sharing and the return of visitors to your site. These are a few tips you can use to get an SEO friendly blog post trending on your site. A quality content that is not only user-friendly but also SEO friendly will surely get your ranking up.