How to Report Cybercash to the IRS in 2022

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Taxation of cybercash varies based on your location. Countries like America and South Africa treat crypto transactions similarly to cash, potentially resulting in dual income sources when using virtual currencies for purchases. Depending on each country's regulations, these income sources could be subject to varying tax rates. The IRS wants to know about your cryptocurrency [...]

BitMex Beginner Guide

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Cryptocurrency trading is not rocket science; it’s possible to become a pro trader within a short time, if you have the right tools at your disposal, especially if you are following pro trader’s signals. The thought of trading on exchanges may be scary, especially for a beginner, but all the doubts will quickly disappear after [...]

World’s First Repository of Crypto and Blockchain Research Papers

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Crypto Today, Crypto Chain University made its debut as the world's first research institute exclusively compiling cryptocurrency and blockchain research. The institution zeroes in on public policy issues surrounding Bitcoin and decentralized technologies. Crypto Chain University's official URL is ☓.com, registered on February 3, 2005, and was previously the founder's personal blog. The university doesn't [...]

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