Cyber Security

Cyber Attacks That Shook The Tech World

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Cyber attacks are everywhere in the tech world, and they are becoming more sophisticated by the day. Why is this so? Although shady characters in hoods sabotaging networks to steal information for profit are real, so are governments that use cyber-warfare to undermine opposing viewpoints or other nation-states. Attackers are paid handsomely for an electronic [...]

Ways You Can Prevent Your Business From Cyber Attacks

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The risk of attack by a predator, changing climatic conditions, lower forms of life (such as viruses and bacteria), or another force—is always present for most life forms. As a matter of fact, for several of the natural world's inhabitants, the question is not whether they'll be attacked, but when they are attacked and how [...]

Cybersecurity Concerns within the Healthcare Industry

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Why Executives Should Take Preventative Action Now to Avoid Disasters in 2020 A CAPP Conference Survey asked C-Level healthcare professionals what they considered to be the most formidable cybersecurity challenges threatening their medical facilities. Although their answers weren't surprising, their lack of taking an initiative with adopting preventative strategies was surprising: Third-party risks concerned responders [...]

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