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A Basic Guide to SEO Audit

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An important aspect of a good SEO strategy is doing an initial SEO audit of the website because it is needed to show you what is working and what needs to change to maximize the performance of the site. When you perform audits regularly, you can be sure that the website is mobile-optimized, allows users [...]

Does Web Design Influence SEO? If So, How?

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In most cases, each stage of website creation is perceived by the customer separately. Prototype, layout, layout programming, content, design, search engine optimization, testing. All of that takes a separate part during development, however, it will be really hard to implement good search engine optimization if you do not plan ahead. Imagine walking into a [...]

This Is How You Can Communicate The Importance Of SEO To Your Boss

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If you see yourself discussing SEO in public and getting all confused reactions. People geek out about 404's, redirects, backlinks, spiders, canonicals, and indexing. Instead, when you discuss these elements in public, you get a plain blank look. This is a very reasonable thing. But if you get the same reaction from your boss or [...]

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