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7 Organic Ways To Increase Your Click Through Rate Insanely

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Are click-through rates (CTR) important for page ranking on Google? This has always been speculation in the marketing realm. Getting organic traffic is the only way to get that page ranking you desire. Traffic is the lifeline of your website. So, you need to find ways to get more traffic. You can do so by [...]

How To Repurpose Video Content For Different Media Platforms

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Video content is the latest buzz in digital marketing.  The video is already a part of your marketing mix.  But you don't know how to mileage each video you created? You can discover how to repurpose one video into content that can populate your blog and multiple social channels. Let's discover how to repurpose video [...]

2 Simple Things Every Website Needs For More Traffic and Leads

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You've just decided that you want to build an online presence and have settled on building a website. Congratulations, that's a positive first step to making your rock star content available to your visitors. Assuming you recognize that Google values authoritative, problem-solving content, here are two essential elements for both newcomers and experienced veterans to [...]

4 Nifty Ways To Integrate SEO Into Your Blog Posts

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Writing a blog for your website may seem like a smart idea but the wrong execution could end up harming your SEO efforts instead of boosting it. The truth is many companies fail to properly take advantage of the potential benefits blogs can give to their overall marketing efforts. Many website owners make rookie mistakes [...]

3 Ways to 3X Your Online Content And Capture More Traffic

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With ever-increasing competition for attention in the digital space, are you really stretching your content as far as it can go? For example, if you’ve targeted a fraction of the 23.23 billion monthly users on YouTube with video, you’re still leaving the bookworms who’d rather get stuck into a bunch of text on the table. [...]

Tips To Structure Your Articles Online

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When we talk about blogging, a structured piece of content is the crux before you start writing.  The structure is the bone of your text that will help the reader understand your point and the core of your message. A structured article will enhance the readability of your content. This post will give you tips [...]

5 Steps To Make Your Social Content Great [Infographic]

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You surely want to be a success on social media and you want new social content your followers would want to share on different media platforms. Five steps you can take to attain the successful status on social media. Big Idea For the big Idea first, you need to relax and give yourself some time. [...]

10 Popular Types of Content That Work Best for SEO

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Content marketing is the most traditional form of pitching about your product and services to the customers so that they can solve their issues and in turn, you can drive traffic to your site. As this is the most traditional way of marketing, it is getting extinct with each passing day. There are different techniques [...]

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