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How Your Business Should Profit of Lean Software Development?

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In the era of Lean software development - “revolutions” arise monthly. Nevertheless, every once in a while, essential innovations do appear on the web, and it’s difficult for them to trim down through all the clamor to seize your notice.      Therefore, today, we, the ITS Guru Software Development team at Houston, will highlight one of [...]

The Impact of Mobile App Revolution In 2019

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Every person in today's world needs a Mobile App from children to adults, we all, some or in another way, are addicted to them and the Internet. The mobile app revolution is beginning to open up exciting and new possibilities for applications. It's more of like a transformation where even a kid can teach you [...]

How Brain Machine Interface-BMI can Shape an Internet of Thoughts

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With the augmentation in the present computing world, along with our understanding of the human brain, we are moving closer in making some spectacular science fiction into reality. And Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) is a giant step in that direction. Brain-machine interface (BMI) technology is a sector in which committed, and big-name players are looking to [...]

8 Ways to Integrate AI in your SaaS Marketing Strategy

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As the owner of a SaaS platform, relying on humans for executing repetitive SaaS marketing tasks and ongoing lead nurturing tasks has a direct impact on your marketing ROI. If you find yourself looking for ways to leverage artificial intelligence in your marketing efforts, this article is perfect for you.  This article give you actionable [...]

How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing Everything?

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2019 is hyped to be the year of artificial intelligence. But if your immediate thoughts are flooding to the worlds of films like Ex Machina, Blade Runner, or I, Robot, think again. The artificial intelligence (A.I.) of 2019 looks much different than humanistic androids or robot butlers. Still, some of what science fiction writers have [...]

How Google uses DeepMind’s AI to reduce Cooling Bill By 40%

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There are over 7,500 Data centers around the world out of which Top 20 global cities have 2,600 of them. The National Resource Defense Council estimated that data centers consume about 3% of global energy production. The concentration of data centers is largest in London with 377 data centers, more than any other city. In [...]

The Way Visual And Voice Search Will Help You To Enhance SEO

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The era of voice and the visual search started long ago. But the future beholds an optimized voice and visual search. By 2021, it is assumed that AI will achieve full optimization to dominate the voice and visual search sector. It started with Siri and now we have Google Home, Amazon, Binge, Google Lens, Pinterest [...]

The Future Innovation Is Driven By Artificial Intelligence

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We are already a driven force by Artificial Intelligence. Our future economic and social decisions will be highly dependent on artificial intelligence. The potential future has a broad, innovative perspective in the various sectors. Our future is full of surprises, where you will see a self-driving car, an AI made a shirt and a [...]

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