Use these Four Tips, And You Will Successfully Avoid Fake Influencers

Spam, Fake Fraud, don't all of these words sound dreadful? It does! Having mentioned that- Social networks take your privacy and security seriously. The advent of social media networks has changed the way people interact, connect, with each other, and follow their favorite brands. Huge [...]

8 Ways to Integrate AI in your SaaS Marketing Strategy

As the owner of a SaaS platform, relying on humans for executing repetitive SaaS marketing tasks and ongoing lead nurturing tasks has a direct impact on your marketing ROI. If you find yourself looking for ways to leverage artificial intelligence in your marketing efforts, this [...]

How to Hire a Quality Technology Consultant

Businesses often hire an IT consultant to complete an important technical project, conduct a comprehensive IT assessment or provide ongoing counsel. In many cases, the demand for consulting is driven by a lack of in-house technical expertise or the desire to have an external perspective [...]

Why Integrate Your Direct Mail and Email Marketing?

You may have been the postcards landing on your doormat highlighting the postal service’s incredible reach. They boast about the ability to connect with more customers and gain better traction than you ever could with social media or SEO. So, is there any weight to [...]

Where does the data you surf disappear? It’s all here!!

Have you ever wondered where is the data being saved from the content you browse on the internet? Well, it is a magical process the technology offers. After surfing the website, the data will be sent by you as packets. Whether it is to upload [...]

Want the content go viral at a jet speed? – Info-graphic

What if you could decide or choose to make your content go viral? What if you didn't have to leave your content's success up to chance? Sounds Interesting right? It's the dream of every content marketer You want to obtain traffic, conversions, and leads? And [...]

Mac & Zoom Combine For New Security Vulnerability

Did you know that your Macintosh webcam could have been hijacked? A serious security flaw in the Zoom video conferencing application joined Mac users to video calls without their permission. “A vulnerability in the MacZoom client allowed malicious websites to enable Mac cameras without users’ [...]

How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing Everything?

2019 is hyped to be the year of artificial intelligence. But if your immediate thoughts are flooding to the worlds of films like Ex Machina, Blade Runner, or I, Robot, think again. The artificial intelligence (A.I.) of 2019 looks much different than humanistic androids or [...]

Who’s Looking at You Online?

It’s important to monitor your online presence to protect your reputation and your privacy. Knowing who is looking at you online is a critical element in protecting your online identity. The first step is to Google your name. You may be shocked by the number [...]

Cybersecurity Concerns within the Healthcare Industry

Why Executives Should Take Preventative Action Now to Avoid Disasters in 2020 A CAPP Conference Survey asked C-Level healthcare professionals what they considered to be the most formidable cybersecurity challenges threatening their medical facilities. Although their answers weren't surprising, their lack of taking an initiative [...]

10 Best WordPress Alternatives

Do you want to build a website but don’t find WordPress to your liking? No problem! In this article, we will cover 10 of the best alternatives for WordPress ranging from content management systems (CMS) and website builders to ecommerce and blogging platforms. Take a [...]

3 Ways of Benefiting from Outsourcing Business Call Answering Needs

With phone answering service, calls can be handled by professional answering experts and can be picked up from an off-place location. Getting thrust on the call all day, unluckily leads to attorneys commonly working late nights, as they aim to constrain up for lost tempo [...]

What Models Should be Chosen for your B2B Marketing Attribution

As a marketer, you need to know one thing: Are your campaigns truly driving revenue? If you don't have an answer for that, you'll struggle to make the right campaign optimizations and push leads further down the funnel. As a result, it becomes complex to [...]

Five Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 which can’t be Ignored!

"Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won't work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again." Beginning on that note -as we are almost in the mid-way of ending 2019 and have seen an enormous shift in the digital marketing sector. [...]

10 Ways to Make Your Craft Show Booth Stand Out

During a craft show, you only have a short amount of time to catch your customers' eye as they stroll by. You need to think about your booth’s call to action. Having an amazing product is going to help, however, here are 10 different strategies [...]

Learn Marketing with ManyChat

In today’s world, utilizing a chatbot is a great way to incorporate some basic customer support that can help your customers, as well as help relieve you of the monotony of answering the same questions over and over again. And while there are many chatbots [...]

Benefits of Customer Support Partnership / Outsource

Although the most number of customers are getting busier as the time progresses but this doesn’t reduce the importance of proper customer service or customer support. It is also accepted that an internal customer support department has to go through all the changes that are [...]

Sell You MacBook and Get Money’s Worth

Do you see others with an envious glance because they own the recently released MacBook Pro and wish you could also upgrade your computer or laptop? Well, if this is what you think, then it is time to sell the Mac you own presently and [...]

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