Alarming Path of A Cyber Attacker [Infographic]

In a bid to assist individuals and companies in defending amid the rising cyber threat. The attacker is successfully probing defenses for weaknesses that, if exploitable, will without fail to take them closer to their ultimate goal. And so that you might not fall into [...]

Accidentally Deleted The Data, Photos? Back It Up Now!

Whichever industry you are indulged into, or whatever your interests are, you might have undoubtedly come across a story about how -Data is transforming the face of our world? It might be part of a study helping to treat a disease, boost a company’s revenue, make a [...]

Keep in Mind these Things before you Choose the Best Antivirus Software

The best antivirus software will guard your mobile devices and computer against malware, keeping you safe from cybercriminals, hackers, and the latest online threats. And due to continually growing cybercrime, it's never been more vital to invest in reliable, rock-solid and up-to-date antivirus software – [...]

iPad Mockup: Conveniently Telling a Story

Designers don’t just make beautiful things, they tell a story too. Telling a story is actually important when designers are trying to make a functional website or dynamic mobile application. A story entices an audience. Every business aims to convert that audience into its market. [...]

A Guide on How To Achieve Network Security

It is any activity intended to guard the integrity and usability of your data and network. It comprises both -hardware and software technologies. Targets a variety of threats and prevents them from spreading or entering your network. No matter what size of IT business you own? [...]

How to Keep Your Personal Information Safe in 2019?

You have unprecedented data breaches occurring in this year. Some of the major victims of 2018 were T-Mobile, Orbitz, Quora, British Airways etc. Even Facebook dealt with several breaches and incidents in this year. But, how does it happen? Data breach can occur because of [...]

Optimize Your IT Operations through Virtualization

Why Virtualization Tools can Optimize IT Operations Wondering how virtualization might benefit your IT department? Learn about the ways virtualization tools can increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.   Virtualization solutions can optimize IT operational efficiency by reducing the possibility of downtime and improving user experience. [...]

Cloud Computing – What is it? And how will it be a source of benefit?

Cloud Computing is no longer the prospect of business computing – infact it is the present. According to the technological innovative companies such as IBM, Cloud Computing, is often referred to as simply “THE CLOUD”, and  is the delivery of on-demand computing resources- It all starts from [...]

How to Protect College Marching Band Hearing Loss

College marching bands are full of risk of hearing loss. This is thanks to the duration of sporting events, their practices and rehearsals, and the instruments that are being played. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), there are maximum daily allowable exposures [...]

How Brain Machine Interface-BMI can Shape an Internet of Thoughts

With the augmentation in the present computing world, along with our understanding of the human brain, we are moving closer in making some spectacular science fiction into reality. And Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) is a giant step in that direction. Brain-machine interface (BMI) technology is a [...]

Does Your Computer Require Hyper-threading?

Will a hyperthreaded CPU speed my computer's performance? Intel's hyperthreaded CPUs help your computer to schedule work more efficiently but they won't always speed your performance and aren't needed for all tasks. Computers are growing more powerful all the time. They may not be doubling [...]

Overcoming Common Virtualization Setbacks and Solutions

Having adequate and efficient virtualized data storage method is essential for your business. It boosts revenue, efficiency, and productivity. Conventionally, troubleshooting an IT issue in a non-virtualized environment is effortless. Although virtualization allows various mediocre servers to execute like one high-end server, making complex the [...]

Do You know Blogs were before Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter?

The first blog was created 23 years ago by Justin Hall. Creating and sharing content are the basic pillars of existing online. In the beginning, people were not sure what a blog was; some called them online diaries, others called them personal web pages. The [...]

The Five Biggest Challenges of Cloud Computing

Some business owners are still daunting over whether to move to the cloud, while others are racing to get ahead of the game. The reason? The cloud is more than just unruffled new technology. It offers a set of web-based products, tools, and services that [...]

8 Points To Take Into Consideration For Effective B2C Content Marketing

Content marketing is not just a buzzword. It’s a massively effective marketing strategy. In other words, you’re marketing to customers directly, either via your corporate site, online store, or blog. You need to identify how to use content marketing effectively. This ultimate guide will show [...]

What is so special about the 5G network?

It is safe to say that modern-day technological innovations are always better and advanced than their initial versions. The same is true when it comes to 5G network. It is better than 4G and 3G. So, what makes it so special? Keep reading. What is [...]

Use these Four Tips, And You Will Successfully Avoid Fake Influencers

Spam, Fake Fraud, don't all of these words sound dreadful? It does! Having mentioned that- Social networks take your privacy and security seriously. The advent of social media networks has changed the way people interact, connect, with each other, and follow their favorite brands. Huge [...]

8 Ways to Integrate AI in your SaaS Marketing Strategy

As the owner of a SaaS platform, relying on humans for executing repetitive SaaS marketing tasks and ongoing lead nurturing tasks has a direct impact on your marketing ROI. If you find yourself looking for ways to leverage artificial intelligence in your marketing efforts, this [...]

How to Hire a Quality Technology Consultant

Businesses often hire an IT consultant to complete an important technical project, conduct a comprehensive IT assessment or provide ongoing counsel. In many cases, the demand for consulting is driven by a lack of in-house technical expertise or the desire to have an external perspective [...]

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